first launching in our hometown of philly, browse news and articles that span across the country. no matter where you find yourself, we plan to have sports resources to keep you covered.

2023 turkey trots in philadelphia
October 17, 2023

run a turkey trot in philly!

philly marathon season overview for 2023
October 11, 2023

learn what to expect for the philly marathon!

9 Underrated Runs in Philadelphia for Summer 2023
May 4, 2023

Explore the lesser-known running events to keep you active in between the Broad Street Run and the Philly Marathon

March 2023 recurring weekly group runs in philly
March 1, 2023

recurring weekly groups runs

26 places in Philadelphia to recycle your shoes
January 2, 2023

recycle your new and gently used shoes

lacrosse in philly
December 22, 2022

play lacrosse in philly

kickboxing in philadelphia
December 21, 2022

find kickboxing gyms in philly

philadelphia snowboarding training
December 20, 2022

find snowboarding training in philly

why running groups form
December 19, 2022

why do running groups form?

indoor paddleboard yoga in philly
December 14, 2022

try philly paddleboard yoga

best places to ski near philadelphia
December 13, 2022

find skiing near philly

pilates in philadelphia
December 12, 2022

find pilates studios in philly

best sports lessons to give as gifts
December 6, 2022

give sports lessons as a gift

best sports gifts for kids in philly
December 5, 2022

sports gift ideas for kids!

best sports gifts for philly athletes
December 4, 2022

browse gift ideas for philly athletes!

the best weight training gyms in philly
November 30, 2022

check out these weight training gyms in philadelphia

pickleball lessons in philly to give as christmas presents
November 29, 2022

gift pickleball lessons in philadelphia

hot yoga in philly
November 28, 2022

where to take a hot yoga class in philadelphia

how to find a personal trainer in philly
November 21, 2022

tips for finding a personal trainer

indoor cycling classes in philly
November 20, 2022

find spin classes in philly

find people to play pickleball with in philadelphia
November 19, 2022

pickleball social spots in philly!

indoor sports facilities in philly
November 11, 2022

where to play indoor sports in philadelphia

pickleball tournaments in philly
November 13, 2022

find pickleball tournaments to play in philadelphia

the philly student’s guide to finding people to play sports with
November 12, 2022

make new sports friends in philly

winter sports vacation ideas for families
November 7, 2022

places to enjoy winter sports vacations

indoor tennis courts in philly
November 5, 2022

find out where to play indoor tennis in the philly area!

philly holiday runs
November 3, 2022

get jolly on a philadelphia holiday run

philly marathon season overview for 2022
November 1, 2022

learn what to expect for the philly marathon!

how to organize a pickleball league
October 31, 2022

how to start a pickleball league

where to find pickleball clinics and lessons
October 27, 2022

step up your pickleball skills with these lessons and clinics!

2022 turkey trots in philadelphia
October 24, 2022

run a turkey trot in philly!

thanksgiving sports events in philly
October 25, 2022

check out these thanksgiving sports events happening in philly

a guide to intramural sports in philly
October 20, 2022

fun intramural sports to play in philly | eseo sports

indoor basketball courts in philly
October 18, 2022

indoor basketball courts in philadelphia

pickleball gear: what you need and where to buy in philly
October 17, 2022

pickleball gear and equipment in the philadelphia area

indoor pickleball courts in philly
October 13, 2022

play pickleball through all seasons of the year! here are some indoor pickleball courts to hit up no matter what the weather is like.

how to start a running club in philadelphia
October 11, 2022

whether you’re a leisurely runner or a serious athlete, starting a running club is a great way to inspire local runners. here are some tips to start a running club in philadelphia!

halloween runs in philadelphia in 2022
October 10, 2022

want to welcome in this halloween season with a spooky-themed run? check out these halloween runs in philly: competitive races and family-friendly costume jogs galore.

5 philly pickleball influencers you should follow
October 6, 2022

pickleball is growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. check out our top picks for influencers paving the way for a pickleball community in philly.

best ways to play sports in philly
October 5, 2022

looking for ways to play your favorite sports in philly? our city is a great place for team sports! check out this list for leagues and tournaments near you.

how to start a senior sports group in philadelphia
October 3, 2022

starting a senior sports group can help you stay active and build community! check it out to see what steps you need to take to start a sports group near you.

where to play pick-up soccer: philadelphia field fun
September 26, 2022

browse the 2022 updated list of where to play pick-up soccer in the Philadelphia area. Find fun, casual, athletic sports groups here.

7 social sports leagues in philadelphia
September 23, 2022

Looking for a fun way to get active and make new friends? Join a social sports league in Philadelphia. It’s a great way to get out of the house and have fun!

a unique running experience: an interview with brittney paye of navy yard run club
August 24, 2022

from hockey player to running group facilitator - brittney rocks

wired differently: an interview with philadelphia ultra runner, gagz
August 17, 2022

mister loopy looper ultrarunner racer himself - meet Gagz

8 best sports for the new school year
August 8, 2022

8 sports for your kids to play this school year

where to play accommodation-friendly sports in philadelphia
August 3, 2022

check out this list of accommodation-friendly sports in philly.

30 running events in 30 days
July 25, 2022

my journey connecting with the Philadelphia running community through 30 runs in 30 days was a unique and rewarding experience.

batter up!: all about intramural softball in philadelphia
July 27, 2022

find all of the details on the intramural softball scene in philly

hold the line!: your guide to ultimate frisbee in philadelphia
July 25, 2022

huck it like you mean it - philly has some epic ultimate ready for you

run for the cure or run for fun: 17 awesome 5Ks in philadelphia

5ks are come-one, come-all, and perfect for runners at all levels

softball in philadelphia: the best leagues, fields, and groups
July 22, 2022

want to batter-up, catch, and slide into home plate? here are the best spots for softball in philly

run philly with these 10Ks in greater philadelphia
July 20, 2022

gearing up for race season? lace up for these fun-filled 10ks

all faces, all paces: an interview with O.P.A.C. founder lionel brahim brodie
July 6, 2022

Here's a convo we had with Lionel Brahim Brodie, founder of O.P.A.C.

fore the love of golf! here are 14 philadelphia golf courses
July 18, 2022

want to find the best golf clubs in and near Philly? we got you...

hit the pavement with these 22 philadelphia running groups
July 15, 2022

want to find friends to run with in philly? use the eseo app... peeps from these groups are on there!

summer sports events in philadelphia in 2022
July 4, 2022

last call for summer sports fun in Philly - here are some great options!

4 philadelphia half-marathons taking place in 2022
July 8, 2022

not ready for the full/whole? there are plenty of great philly half-marathons to choose from

11 philadelphia pickleball leagues to help you up your game
July 6, 2022

ready to dominate pickleball philly? here are the leagues you need to know about

your guide to the philadelphia marathon
July 4, 2022

the philadelphia maraton is fast-becoming one of the nation's best - learn all about it!

fishtown beer runners: an interview With david april
June 28, 2022

FBR is an awesome org in Philly - learn all about it!

9 philadelphia pickleball courts: the best places to play pickleball in philly
June 29, 2022

want to practice your dink shot in philly? we got you...

adult sports leagues in philadelphia
June 27, 2022

want to find people to play with? check out this list of adult sports leagues in philly

kids sports leagues in philadelphia
June 24, 2022

find the best sports leagues for kids in philadelphia

philadelphia cycling groups
June 10, 2022

indoor/outdoor/all around - here's what's up with cycling in philly

Philadelphia running clubs for adults and kids
May 6, 2022

Find the best places to run (and people to run with) in the Philadelphia area!

looking for philadelphia kid sports? find places your kids can play
March 24, 2022

check out what's new (and what's a fave) in the philly area for kid sports leagues & activities

best walking, running, & hiking trails in Philadelphia
February 10, 2022

a collection of the best walking, running, & hiking trails in Philadelphia

8 ways to beat the winter blues (am & pm activity ideas)
January 27, 2022

ways to beat the winter blues

how active should I be? a cheat sheet for heart rate, steps, & more!
January 13, 2022

a cheat sheet for heart rate, steps, & more

10 winter sports you have to try
December 30, 2021

Ready to brave the cold and get your blood pumping? Here’s are a few winter sports opportunities in Philadelphia.

family holiday competitions: how sports can bring everyone together
December 23, 2021

We’ve got just the competitions you need to get through the holidays with your sanity intact, and maybe even make some meaningful memories.

hey, girl! find female sports teams & clubs

the best Philadelphia sports teams and clubs for women

fun outdoor sports games for adults

playing sports isn’t just about competition; it’s about enjoying a fun, healthy activity with people you care about

app that you can find people to play sports with

introducing an app to help you find places to play sports and others to play with in your community

what sport should i play

many people know they want to play a sport but have no idea what sport would best suit them

how to find people to play sports with

different and creative ways to find people to play sports with nearby

fun sports to play as an adult

want fresh ideas for getting active as an adult? here are some great sports to play!

recreational team sports

philadelphia offers many excellent options for recreational team sports - all that you need is a passion for the game and a love for the community.

playing sports: for competition or fun

for some athletes winning is everything. for other athletes it is a mental bonus.

philadelphia pickup basketball

basketball is the second most popular sport in the U.S. and a way a way of life for philadelphians, so we've aggregated a handful of local basketball resources to help out philly's hoopers.

places to play in philadelphia

at eseo, we know that healthy team play helps build strong, vibrant communities. That’s why we help players of all ages, games, skill levels and abilities in finding community sports resources.

philadelphia pickup sports

sports strengthen our communities by offering a glimpse of what we can achieve together.

philadelphia sports fans

professional and collegiate athletes get most of the spotlight but it’s not only the players on TV that make Philadelphia a fierce sports town — it’s athletes like you, too.

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