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pickleball gear: what you need and where to buy in philly

pickleball gear and equipment in the philadelphia area

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You’ve probably heard of pickleball as America’s “fastest-growing sport”. It’s true—this fun, new sport that borrows elements from tennis, badminton, and ping pong is a national favorite for a reason. 

Whether you’re learning pickleball for the first time or you’re already an avid player, this is for you. Here’s everything you want to know about pickleball gear and equipment, including what to use and where to shop for it in Philadelphia.

Pickleball Gear and Equipment: What You Need to Play

Fortunately, pickleball requires minimal equipment to play. You won’t need any fancy gear to set yourself up for a win! But there are a few essentials to get started. 

Pickleball Paddles

The paddles or “rackets” of pickleball are similar to ping pong paddles but they’re larger and much more durable, with a rounded square shape. 

There are many different pickleball paddle brands today, from brands such as Adidas, Wilson, Franklin, and more. Different brands focus on different types of paddles, too—there are game-enhancing paddles, small grip, large grip, thick core, heavy, lightweight, and everything in between. 

The type of paddle you should use depends on your body type and playing preferences. Plus, it depends on whether you play on an indoor or outdoor court.

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Indoor and Outdoor Pickleballs

There’s a difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball equipment. Mainly, there are two types of pickleballs.

Indoor pickleballs are lighter, less durable, and often quieter. Outdoor pickleballs are slightly heavier with smaller holes. They are designed to be able to withstand hard concrete courts. The bounce is slightly different since they serve two different purposes. 

Pickleball Nets

Many pickleball courts already have the appropriate netting set up. But if playing on a tennis court or homemade pickleball court, a portable net or a pickleball set might be a good idea. 

Pickleball Attire

What should you wear when playing pickleball? You don’t need anything fancy— simply wear what you can comfortably move in. Good tennis shoes, athletic shorts or pants, and a secure T-shirt will do. Some people prefer a tennis skirt or shorts, a tennis shirt, and a baseball cap. 

Pickleball Courts

You’ll need some type of court to play the game. If you’re in the Philly area, check out our list of Philadelphia pickleball courts here.

Places to Buy Pickleball Gear in Philadelphia

Where can you buy pickleball equipment in Philly? Here are some local places to shop and get involved with the local pickleball community!

Everyone’s Racquet

Everyone’s Racquet is a small storefront off of South 12th Street that focuses on racquet sports including tennis, pickleball, squash, and racquetball. They also sell tennis shoes, percussive devices, balls, and more. This is a great spot especially if you play tennis and pickleball.

Tennis Junction

Tennis Junction, a few minutes from Philly, is a premier tennis shop that carries the biggest inventory of racquet sports equipment in the Philadelphia area! They specialize in tennis racquets and demos, but also have plenty of pickleball gear including paddles and balls. 

You’ll also be able to try on apparel and tennis shoes here if you need something comfortable to play pickleball in. If you don’t see the brand of gear you want, they can custom order it for you so you can pick it up in-store within a few days. 

Holla Sporting Goods

If you need custom uniforms or T-shirts for your pickleball team, Holla Sporting Goods is a great store to level up your athletic apparel! You won’t find any pickleball gear itself in this store but be sure to add this to your list of sporting shops for when you (or maybe your kids) need some serious competitive attire.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s is a national sports chain that offers all the supplies you may need for any sport, including pickleball. In the Philadelphia area, there’s a Dick’s in Cherry Hill, NJ right outside Philly, and several more in Plymouth Meeting, Willow Grove, and King of Prussia, PA. You’re always able to shop their inventory online, too, if you can’t find what you need in-store.


Again, you don’t need to be a sports-savvy person to get into pickleball, which is why it’s so well-loved! You can find some starter equipment (like a pickleball set) at a local Walmart or Target store in the athletics section. If they’re out at a local branch, you can likely find pickleball gear online. 

Put on Your Gear and Play Pickleball in Philly

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pickleball gear and equipment in the philadelphia area