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the eseo app is your place to play.

eseo (“ee-z-oh”) is your source for sports. we put runners, cyclists, and athletes first. if you can move, you're an athlete! our mobile app was built for you.


"Having tested the eseo mobile app, I love that I can use it to find people to run with. Even though running is typically seen as an individual sport, I find much more motivation if someone else is running by my side..."

- Z. M.

"Finding people with similar active interests was always difficult for me. The eseo app makes it so much easier since it lists what sports each person is into and looking for."

- J. A.

"While scanning the map [within the app], I found a lot of various running groups and rec. centers that I didn’t even know existed..."

- M. W.

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your local sports resource. all at the tip of your fingers.

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for riders, runners, and players.

eseo, like sports, connects us to people who share our passion. acting as a hub for runners, cyclists, and other sports enthusiasts, our app is where you’ll find places and people to run, ride, and play with. it'll also supply curated events in your community that match and allow you to up your skills.

for fans.

get ready to get together. the eseo mobile app will bring fans together—in person—with organized events big and small. it will be your go-to for ticket resources to races and live sports. and if you miss anything, we will pull in the best of blogs, podcasts, local reporters, and more.

for the community.

eseo is for every one. and our app acts as an inclusive community where local athletes, coaches, and fans can come together. the interests we share will build bonds, and those bonds will strengthen communities. let’s do this.

for trainers and coaches.

the eseo mobile app will also be your spot to find training and coaching opportunities. if you're looking to connect and train with others at local marathons, or looking for uniforms and gear, we're your place.

latest blogs

read up and explore local resources, and learn why eseo is a mission-driven organization working to unite athletes and strengthen communities.

Lindsey Blackmore

2023 turkey trots in philadelphia
posted by
Lindsey Blackmore

October 17, 2023

A content writer and nature lover who's always looking for new trails to hike.

Lindsey Blackmore

philly marathon season overview for 2023
posted by
Lindsey Blackmore

October 11, 2023

A content writer and nature lover who's always looking for new trails to hike.

eseo sports

Ideas to Stay Active as You Get Older: Savoring Life's Golden Years
posted by
eseo sports

July 25, 2023

eseo is deeply focused on its mission of uniting athletes and strengthening communities.