here you can explore and find your favorite sport. whether you're looking people to run with, for a place to play ball, people for a 2-on-2 pickup game, or the latest news on what's happening with your favorite team, you'll find it here.

philadelphia running events
May 20, 2022

what's happening in the philly running community?

Philadelphia running clubs for adults and kids
May 6, 2022

Find the best places to run (and people to run with) in the Philadelphia area!

the best northeast marathons in 2022 for philadelphia runners
March 10, 2022

want to know where you can get your long-distance marathon in this year? check out everything scheduled in the NE for 2022

philadelphia pickup basketball

basketball is the second most popular sport in the U.S. and a way a way of life for philadelphians, so we've aggregated a handful of local basketball resources to help out philly's hoopers.

posts coming soon.
posts coming soon.
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philadelphia soccer clubs

at eseo, we love how soccer brings communities together so we've aggregated information about philadelphia soccer clubs, teams, facilities, fields, pickup games and more.