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hit the pavement with these 22 philadelphia running groups

want to find friends to run with in philly? use the eseo app... peeps from these groups are on there!

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Whether you’re training for a marathon or just looking to get your sweat on, Philadelphia has a running group for you. 👟🏃🏻‍♀️🍻 Check out our list of 20 running clubs in Philly and use the eseo app to find a running buddy in your area.

Philadelphia is a great city for runners. From scenic city streets to Wissahickon Valley Park—there are so many great routes for runners to enjoy. 

If you’re looking for people to run with, you could use the eseo app to find a running partner in your area. But if you’re looking for a casual, social, training, or trail running group, check out this list of 20 running clubs in the city.  

Casual Running Groups in Philadelphia

Want to get in your jog, power walk, or chill run? Here are some great Philadelphia running groups to join.

Citywide Athletics

Date: Every Thursday at 6:45 am

Citywide Athletics hosts weekly morning runs around the city. Check out their Instagram story for the location each week.

Fairmount Running Club

Date: 7:00 am on Tuesdays, 6:30 pm on Wednesdays, 7 am on Saturdays

Location: Eastern State Penitentiary

Fairmount Running Club hosts three runs each week for varying fitness levels. Tuesday is the easy run, Wednesday is the comfort run, and Saturday is the long-distance run. The group is open to all skill and fitness levels.

Lez Run Running Club

Date: 6:15 pm on Wednesday

Location: Philadelphia Runner Center City

Lez Run Running Club is an LGBTQ-friendly running community. They host weekly and special running events for all members of the LGBTQ community and their family members.

Philly Achilles

Date: 9 am on Saturdays

Location: The Cigna building lobby

Philly Achilles is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and self-esteem among disabled athletes in Philadelphia.

Swagga House Run Club

Date: Varies monthly

Location: Lloyd Hall

Swagga House Run Club organizes monthly runs through their Instagram. They regularly organize charity runs, such as their recent Stop the Violence run with Black Men Run Philly.

Black Girls Run! Philadelphia

Black Girls Run! Philadelphia is an organization working to provide a community and resources for African-American women runners in Philly. It is a great way to make new friends and get active.

The group hosts runs in different locations in Philadelphia nearly every day. Visit their website to find a schedule.

Black Men Run Philly

Location: Wednesdays at Lloyd Hall and Saturdays at 33rd and Diamond

Date: 7:00 pm on Wednesdays and 6:30 am on Saturdays

Black Men Run Philly is a community organization dedicated to empowering African-American men in Philly to improve their physical and mental health. 

The group hosts two weekly runs in downtown Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Runner

The weekly group runs hosted by Philadelphia Runner are inclusive of all ages and fitness levels.

The Center City group meets Thursdays at 6:00 pm at PR Center City.

The Manayunk group meets Thursdays at 6:30 pm at PR Manayunk.

The University City group meets Wednesdays at 6 pm at PR University City

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Social Running Groups in Philadelphia

Want to make friends while running? A social Philadelphia running group may be just the ticket.

East Falls Flyers

Date: 6:30 pm on Monday

Location: Falls Bridge

East Falls Flyers is a social running club that hosts a weekly evening run followed by a happy hour. It’s a great way to beat the Monday blues!

Fishtown Beer Runners 

Date: Thursdays at 7 pm

Location: Fishtown, South Philly or Center City       

Fishtown Beer Runners is an inclusive social running club that mixes running, beer, and socializing. Every week, runners meet to run three to five miles and then enjoy a drink at a pub.

Check out their website for other running chapters in Greater Philadelphia.

Manayunk Running Club

Date: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm

Location: Tuesdays at Roxborough High School Track and Thursdays at PR on Main St

Manayunk Running Club is a social club that focused on serious training. They offer other group physical activities seasonally, such as hill runs and workouts. 

Northern Liberties Run Club

Date: Thursdays at 6:30 pm

Location: Liberty Lands Park

Northern Liberties Run Club is a judgement-free social running club. Runners meet on Thursdays for a run, then convene at a local pub to socialize.

West Philly Runners

Date: 6:30 pm on Wednesdays

Location: Clark Park

West Philly Runners is a social running club serving west Philadelphia. Runners enjoy a happy hour after each run and the club encourages participants to run in the Mayor’s Cup each year.

Y.A.P. Social Group

Date: Various

Location: Various

The Young Active Professionals (Y.A.P.) is a social running club for young people looking to make deep connections in Philadelphia. The club does more than just running; they also play tennis, pickleball, and other sports that foster meaningful friendships and community.

Read our interview with the group's founder, Sunny Goklani, to learn more.

Race Training Groups in Philadelphia

Ready to get a little more serious (but still have fun running)? Here are some Philly running groups that can help you get your training sesh in.

Philadelphia Runner Track Club

Date: 8:30 am on Sundays and 6:15 pm on Tuesdays

Philadelphia Runner Track Club is the fastest running club in Philly. If you’re looking to train and challenge yourself, this is the running club for you.

Team Philly Race Training

Date: Wednesdays at 6 pm and Saturdays at 8 am

Location: Wednesdays at PR University City and Saturdays at Lloyd Hall

Team Philly Race Training is a club for beginner to intermediate runners who want to improve their PRs and run in marathons and races.

Queer Run

Date: 8:00 pm Mondays

Location: Rittenhouse Square

Queer Run is an awesome, inclusive group welcoming runners of all levels.

Point Breeze Runners

Date: Mondays at 6:30 pm

Location: 1800 Federal Street

Point Breeze Runners meets every Monday for an evening run. This club is a two-time Mayor’s Cup champion, so if you’re interested in training for marathon season, you’ll be in good company.

T3 Philly

Date: Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

Location: Temple University Track

For serious runners and distance athletes in Philadelphia, T3 Philly is a triathlon training club. They host a series of runs and group physical training. Visit their website to view their membership rules, fees, and events calendar. 

Trail Running Groups in Philadelphia

Does the great outdoors beckon? Strengthen those ankles: here are the trail running groups you can join in Philly.

Wissahickon Wanderers Running Club

Date: 5:30 pm on Thursdays, 8 am on Saturdays

Location: Valley Green Inn

Wissahickon Wanderers Running Club is a trail running club that enjoys getting out into nature. The club is social and all skill levels are welcome, but beginners are particularly encouraged to join the Saturday morning Fun Runs.

Pennypack Trail Runners

Date: Saturdays at 7:30 am

Location: Pennypack Park

Pennypack Trail Runners is an inclusive trail running club. The group meets every Saturday, rain or shine, all year. All fitness levels are welcome, as organizers divide the runners into two groups based on experience levels.

Chasing Trail Running Club

Date: 8:30 am on Sunday

Location: Valley Green Inn

Chasing Trail Running Club is a great Philly running group for anyone who loves running in nature. While it may not always be safe to trail run alone, this group provides runners with the opportunity to run and socialize in some of the best green spaces in the city.

Join a Philadelphia Running Group

Whether you’re looking to train for a big race, socialize with a sweaty pint, or just get active, there are so many running groups to choose from here in Philly. 

If you’re looking for a running buddy, use the eseo app to find runners in your area. We connect runners and athletes of all skill levels to create a safe and inclusive sports community in the city.

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want to find friends to run with in philly? use the eseo app... peeps from these groups are on there!