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where to play pick-up soccer: philadelphia field fun

September 26, 2022

browse the 2022 updated list of where to play pick-up soccer in the Philadelphia area. Find fun, casual, athletic sports groups here.

where to play pick-up soccer in philadelphia

7 social sports leagues in philadelphia

September 23, 2022

Looking for a fun way to get active and make new friends? Join a social sports league in Philadelphia. It’s a great way to get out of the house and have fun!

Social Sports Leagues in Philadelphia

spike it with these 9 philadelphia volleyball clubs

September 21, 2022

want to play volleyball on a rec league? check out this list of philly's best.

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youth basketball leagues in philadelphia

September 16, 2022

youth basketball leagues in philadelphia | eseo sports

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field hockey leagues, clubs, and groups in philadelphia

September 14, 2022

a list of field hockey organizations in philly

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eseo VIRs: philly’s very important runners

August 31, 2022

meet a few of the people who make the philly running community a great one

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lacrosse clubs and leagues in philadelphia

August 26, 2022

check out these philly lacrosse organizations

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go union!: philadelphia soccer games happening in 2022

August 22, 2022

philadelphia union game schedule for 2022

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14 philadelphia soccer leagues for adults and youth

August 17, 2022

kickoff soccer season with this list of philly soccer leagues

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7 bowling leagues you can join in philadelphia

August 12, 2022

join one of these fantastic bowling leagues in philly

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8 social sports for meeting new people in philadelphia

August 10, 2022

here's a list of the most social sports you can play in philly

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8 best sports for the new school year

August 8, 2022

8 sports for your kids to play this school year

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gear up! here are 14 philadelphia spinning classes

August 5, 2022

fun and friendly spin classes in philly

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where to play accommodation-friendly sports in philadelphia

August 3, 2022

check out this list of accommodation-friendly sports in philly.

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the 6 rules of being a good sports parent

July 29, 2022

want to be a great sports parent this season? follow these 6 rules

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batter up!: all about intramural softball in philadelphia

July 27, 2022

find all of the details on the intramural softball scene in philly

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hold the line!: your guide to ultimate frisbee in philadelphia

July 25, 2022

huck it like you mean it - philly has some epic ultimate ready for you

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run for the cure or run for fun: 17 awesome 5Ks in philadelphia

5ks are come-one, come-all, and perfect for runners at all levels

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softball in philadelphia: the best leagues, fields, and groups

July 22, 2022

want to batter-up, catch, and slide into home plate? here are the best spots for softball in philly

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run philly with these 10Ks in greater philadelphia

July 20, 2022

gearing up for race season? lace up for these fun-filled 10ks

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fore the love of golf! here are 14 philadelphia golf courses

July 18, 2022

want to find the best golf clubs in and near Philly? we got you...

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hit the pavement with these 22 philadelphia running groups

July 15, 2022

want to find friends to run with in philly? use the eseo app... peeps from these groups are on there!

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summer sports events in philadelphia in 2022

July 4, 2022

last call for summer sports fun in Philly - here are some great options!

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running safety tips for women

July 11, 2022

it's important to stay safe out there - eseo has enhanced safety features, and here are some tips!

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4 philadelphia half-marathons taking place in 2022

July 8, 2022

not ready for the full/whole? there are plenty of great philly half-marathons to choose from

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11 philadelphia pickleball leagues to help you up your game

July 6, 2022

ready to dominate pickleball philly? here are the leagues you need to know about

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