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lacrosse clubs and leagues in philadelphia

check out these philly lacrosse organizations

Calling all Philly lax fans! 👟🥍🏆 Are you looking for more info on places to practice your cradle and cross-check? Check out our list of lacrosse clubs and leagues in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. And use the eseo app to find players near you.

For lacrosse players, nothing hits quite like a fun game in the summer sunshine. Luckily for Philly locals, our city has an abundance of great places to play.

If you want to meet people to play lacrosse with, use the eseo app. We’re cultivating an accessible and inclusive community of athletes and sports fans in Philadelphia and we’d love to have you on our team! 

Keep reading for more information on lacrosse teams, leagues, and clubs in Philly and the surrounding area. 

Youth Lacrosse Clubs in Philadelphia

If you want to sign your child up for a lax club, group, or league in Philly, check out some of these options.

1. Ascension Lacrosse

Ascension Lacrosse is a lacrosse academy that exists to foster training and development for children of all ages and genders. The club is separate from all public and private education institutions and aims to support all players in the development of their skills and character. 

Ascension Lacrosse is one of the most popular lacrosse clubs in Philly. To inquire about availability or to join the waiting list, visit their website.  

2. Bandits Lacrosse Club

Bandits Lacrosse Club is a lacrosse organization dedicated to helping serious players in Philly build their skills with advanced coaching and training. Bandit Lacrosse Club operates all year, allowing its members access to practice and training opportunities during every season.

They offer men's and women’s lacrosse divisions. Follow them on Instagram or Twitter for updates on tryouts, games, and more.

3. Belles Lacrosse Club

Belles Lacrosse Club is a lacrosse group for young women and girls. They aim to provide opportunities for players to train and improve their game through skill development, team-building exercises, workshops, clinics, and leagues. Their goal is to improve their players as athletes and people, all while promoting a love for the game of lacrosse.

Teams at Belles Lacrosse are divided into age groups by graduation year. Tryouts take place in mid-July for the autumn and summer seasons and all players are required to attend a fundraising tournament for the charity Unite for HER.

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4. Bucks Select Lacrosse

Bucks Select Lacrosse is a club based out of Bucks County. They foster youth and high school players and they employ the top coaches from Lehigh Valley, Philly, Central New Jersey, and Bucks County.

Bucks Select is dedicated to the skills and character development of their players. They employ coaching specialists who are committed to coaching before and after game time in addition to when they are on the field.

Adult Lacrosse Groups, Clubs, and Leagues in Philadelphia

For adults looking to challenge themselves or just enjoy a fun game, here are a variety of options in our city.


ULAX is the largest lacrosse league in the country. They have over 500 teams playing games across 41 cities in America. Qualifying teams compete for the title of National Champions.

Their Philly teams include men’s, women’s, and youth divisions. The offerings are as follows:

  • Men's field
  • Men’s box 
  • Women’s field 
  • Boy’s high school 
  • Men’s master's

All ULAX leagues have a regular season and playoffs in each season of the year, making them a great option for serious lacrosse players who want to challenge themselves and compete for a pretty prestigious title.

2. Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association

Known as the “most organized lacrosse association in the tri-state area,” the Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association is a great option for players who love the game and want a challenge, this league is a great option. They are considered competitive but they accept players from a variety of skill levels, from high school to college competitive.

Follow them on Twitter for information on tryouts, games, and more. 

3. Meetup

Looking for something a bit more casual? Meetup is a fantastic place to find and organize events for people with like minds. 

Lacrosse is a super fun and social sport and it’s a great way to meet new people in the city. Search for lacrosse meetup groups, casual games, or social leagues in Philly using their website. 

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Why not start one yourself? You can use the eseo app to find lacrosse players in your area who are interested in meeting players just like you. Organize a weekly event or game, or just attend a Philadelphia Wings game together—whatever you want to do, Meetup is a great way to advertise and find like minds in your area.

Play Lacrosse in Philadelphia

That concludes our list of lacrosse leagues, groups, and clubs in Philly. Whatever your gender or age group, you’ll be able to find an organization that is committed to your growth and development in our city.  

If you’re looking for more people to play lacrosse with, download the eseo app. We’re building an inclusive community of sports lovers in Philadelphia so you can spend less time planning and more time playing!

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check out these philly lacrosse organizations