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where to play pick-up soccer: philadelphia field fun

browse the 2022 updated list of where to play pick-up soccer in the Philadelphia area. Find fun, casual, athletic sports groups here.

Love soccer? If you’re eager to kick around and make some new friends on the field, this is for you. We’re sharing the best places in Philadelphia to get in on some pickup soccer games. Plus, check out our app to help you stay updated on games near you!

Soccer is loved for its high-intensity activity, social energy, and thrill of the game. Whether you’re a passionate lifelong soccer lover or simply learning the sport for the first time, pickup soccer is a great way to get fit while having fun. 

Thanks to Philly's vibrant athletic culture, you won’t have any difficulty finding a pickup soccer game. To find the nearest pickup events near you, download the eseo app

At eseo, we believe sports should be accessible and socially enriching. No matter what your fitness level, you’re an athlete — so get out there and score some goals!

Keep reading to see our list of pick-up soccer in Philadelphia. 

9 Pick-up Soccer Spots in Philadelphia

When you feel the field calling your name for a heart-pumping soccer sesh, here are some of the best options to choose from. Don’t forget your cleats!

1. Casa Soccer Pickup Games 

As one of the leading soccer programs in Philadelphia, organizers at Casa Soccer League do everything they can to make soccer playing available to all locals. Their affordable pick-up soccer games foster a positive community with a great sense of sportsmanship. 

Visit their website to learn more and RSVP to an upcoming game. 

2. Starfinder Pickup Soccer

The Starfinder Foundation is all about social change, and soccer is a sure way to grow character in any phase of life. Organizers at Starfinder recently re-opened their indoor field for pickup games. You definitely want to head there for a fun time.

Pickup sessions are $10 and are scheduled on their website. Check it out for times, rules, and more.

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3. Philadelphia Falcons Drop-In Soccer

The beloved Philly Falcons offer casual outdoor and indoor pickup games for all skill levels. Ongoing pickup games run on Wednesdays and Sundays every week. They also schedule indoor field soccer once October starts.

You must be a member to drop in on their pick-up games, but non-members are welcome to try one game before signing up. 

4. The Philadelphia Soccer Meetup

If you love playing and watching soccer games, join Pickup Soccer Philly through They host free pick-up games, soccer parties, and social events. Ongoing themed pick-up sessions include rooftop turf, women’s/non-binary focus, and indoor games.

Be sure to become a member of the group online, or bookmark the page to see what event is scheduled next. 

5. SOFIVE Pickup Games

SOFIVE Soccer Center is a popular indoor soccer facility in the Northeastern United States. Their Pennsylvania location is in Elkins Park, right outside of Philly. They host four evening pickup sessions per week. 

To keep pickup teams organized, no walk-ins are welcome. Visit their site to register and pay online to save your spot.

6. Soccer at Penn Park

You’ll find ongoing pickup soccer games at the fields of Penn Park, the beautiful public green space just outside the University of Pennsylvania. Show up to run some drills or bring a friend to jump into the next pickup sesh.

If you’re interested in creating a new pickup soccer group, Penn Park is a great place to do it. 

7. Just Play Pickup Soccer Philly

JustPlay organizes free pickup soccer events in the Philadelphia area. Upcoming games include 5v5, co-ed 6v6, and indoor soccer games. Contact the group administrators directly to learn about upcoming events and get involved.

8. Philly Pickup on Facebook

Philadelphia Area Pickup Soccer is a Facebook group that organizes casual, local games. Created more than 10 years ago, it remains a close-knit group of soccer lovers for those looking to play in the area. Request to join to see the full schedule and contact the organizers to learn more.

9. International Pickup Soccer

Head several miles outside of Philly to Princeton, NJ for some intermediate pickup games. The Princeton International Pickup Soccer group welcomes international soccer (AKA futbol) players to join in, make friends, and enjoy evening soccer.

The pickup schedule varies, so sign up for their Meetup page to keep in touch.

Find Pickup Soccer Games in Philly

We hope you find this list useful enough to get out there and play today. Whether you’re a serious soccer player who wants to stay in shape or a newer athlete in need of some high-fives, Philly is the place to be. 

To find more pickup soccer and sports games in your area, check out our free eseo app. We’re making it easy for everyone to find and play the sports they want to be involved in! 

At eseo (every sport for everyone), it’s our mission to help you realize that if you can move, you’re an athlete.

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browse the 2022 updated list of where to play pick-up soccer in the Philadelphia area. Find fun, casual, athletic sports groups here.