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at eseo, we love how soccer brings communities together so we've aggregated information about philadelphia soccer clubs, teams, facilities, fields, pickup games and more.

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with over 3.5 billion fans and more than 250 million players. It is the most widely played sport in Europe, Asia, Africa and South American, and though not as popular in the U.S., soccer still touts about 11.5 million American players. Why is this sport so much more popular globally than basketball, football, baseball and other team sports? It’s simple: soccer is accessible and community-oriented. 

Unlike sports that require expensive equipment and facilities, soccer only requires a ball, a somewhat-level playing area and a makeshift goal. Its accessibility allows kids to easily jump into a pickup game with neighbors and friends, regardless of skill level, and encourages cooperation among players.

At eseo, we love how soccer brings communities together. That’s why we want to connect Philadelphia soccer players, fans and coaches with quality soccer resources in their communities. Keep reading to learn about Philadelphia soccer clubs and teams, facilities, fields, pickup games and more.

Philadelphia Soccer

Philadelphians have been playing soccer since the late 19th century. Although it began as a sport played primarily by working-class British immigrants, soccer soon captured the attention of Philadelphia athletes from all backgrounds. Now, Philadelphia is a regional hub for both amateur and professional leagues of all ages. 

Philadelphia Indoor Soccer

Although soccer is generally played on outdoor fields, Philadelphia’s colder fall and winter seasons necessitate indoor soccer facilities. Luckily, there are many quality indoor soccer spaces to choose from.

Phield House — Philadelphia’s first and only indoor multi-sport facility. Phield House hosts soccer league games on its indoor turf field and offers open gym hours for its members. 

Starfinder Foundation — a soccer organization designed to get youth and adults involved in their communities through soccer. Starfinder offers an indoor soccer field for youth and adult pickup games and leagues. 

Suburban Sports Training Center — an indoor turf facility located just outside of Philadelphia City in Conshohocken, PA. Suburban Sports Training Center provides a top-notch indoor soccer facility to leagues and individuals. 

Philadelphia Soccer Teams

Interested in attending a professional or college-level soccer event? Philadelphia has some of the best soccer clubs and teams in the country, at every level of the game.

Philadelphia Union — an American professional soccer club that competes in Major League Soccer and is a member of the Eastern Conference. By far the most popular soccer team in the city, Philadelphia Union plays at the massive Subaru Park stadium. Fans can purchase tickets and sign up to become a Union Insider on their website. 

Philadelphia Lonestar SC — an American soccer club for professional development that competes in USL League Two and the National Premier Soccer league. This club has two mens teams and two womens teams that play their home games at the YSC Sports Stadium.

Jefferson Rams — men and women’s soccer teams hailing from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Home games take place at Ravenhill Field on campus. 

Penn Quakers — men and women’s soccer teams from the University of Pennsylvania in Philly. They play home games at Rhodes Field on campus. 

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Philadelphia Soccer Clubs 

Interested in joining an amateur soccer club or team? Luckily, Philadelphia has plenty of adult soccer clubs and youth soccer clubs for amateur players of every age. 

Palumbo Soccer Club — a non-profit youth soccer club composed of players from neighborhoods in the Center City, South Philadelphia, East Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, and lower Northwest areas. This club caters to kids ages 4-12. 

Philadelphia Soccer Club — the largest soccer-specific club in Philadelphia for children and youth, ages 3-18. This club offers training, in-house programs, recreation programs and elite travel team programs. 

Lighthouse Soccer Club — Philadelphia’s oldest youth soccer club and non-profit organization serving youth ages 5-18. This club offers an in-house program and travel teams. 

Lighthouse Unitedmen and women’s teams associated with the Lighthouse Soccer Club. 

Casa Soccer League — a non-profit adult amateur soccer league in Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey. Casa offers team options for adult players of all genders and skill levels. 

Philadelphia Soccer Fields

Want to start your own game or practice your dribble in a public soccer field? There are plenty of open fields at the parks and recreation centers scattered across Philadelphia, including the following: 

Find a Pickup Philadelphia Soccer Game

If you’re looking for a pickup Philadelphia soccer game, we’ve got you covered. eseo specializes in connecting people with similar players in their community. If you’re interested in joining an existing game, these organizations offer established, competitive pickup soccer. 

Casa Soccer League — a soccer club that provides pickup games in addition to league play. Adult players of all skill levels and genders, as well as game organizers, can sign up on Casa’s website to get involved in pickup games. 

Starfinder Foundation — an organization designed to inspire community soccer play. Starfinder offers adult pickup games in their indoor facility every Tuesday and Thursday. Visit Starfinder’s website to sign up. 

SoccerPhilly — a group of amateur soccer players who organize pickup games almost every day of the week. View their current pickup game schedule here

Bella Vista FC — a non-profit organization founded in 2003 that offers outdoor spring and summer pickup soccer as well as a fall tournament, children’s soccer camps, and charity benefit tournaments. Located in center city Philadelphia.  

Find a Philadelphia Soccer Club

There’s something powerful about a sport — or any activity — that connects billions of people all over the globe. When it comes to popularity, no other sport comes close to soccer. Not only does soccer bring communities together, but it can also offer tremendous benefits to players’ physical health and mental wellbeing.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect pickup game, an indoor field for winter play or a Philadelphia soccer club to call home, eseo’s got you covered. Nothing makes us happier than connecting players within their local communities, which is why we make it our mission to find you the best soccer resources, facilities, games and soccer teams near you. Sign up online to stay informed about Philadelphia soccer clubs and resources. 

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at eseo, we love how soccer brings communities together so we've aggregated information about philadelphia soccer clubs, teams, facilities, fields, pickup games and more.