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spike it with these 9 philadelphia volleyball clubs

want to play volleyball on a rec league? check out this list of philly's best.

Time to participate in fall volleyball Philadelphia tournaments! If you love team spirit or a fun volleyball match, download the eseo sports app. Keep reading to find all the volleyball clubs Philly has to offer.

Volleyball is an interactive sport for children and adults alike. It is excellent for learning teamwork and improving health. Playing volleyball enhances the circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients in the body. The exciting part about this sport is that you don't need to possess high skill levels to participate in a competitive volleyball match.

If you want to join a team of Philadelphia volleyball enthusiasts, download the eseo app to connect with your future team members. We are creating an inclusive and accessible sports community in Philly for every sports champ.

Read on to find the list of amazing volleyball clubs in Philadelphia!

9 Volleyball Clubs in Philadelphia

It's time to get into one of these volleyball clubs to build new connections and improve your game.

1.   TNT Volleyball

TNT Volleyball is one of the more affordable volleyball clubs in Philadelphia. It provides a high-class gaming experience at low prices because TNT wants to share the joy of playing volleyball with all families. The club organizes tryouts and open gym matches for both boys and girls. After acceptance, you are charged $50 for a four-month gaming season.

The club offers three volleyball courts. You can also partake in Friday night skill clinics, Saturday scrimmages, and private and semi-private sessions. A floating coach works full-time with technical trainers to refine throwing skills and improve positional players' performance. TNT's efforts are solely dedicated to creating professional volleyball players.

2.   The Philadelphia Starlings

The Philadelphia Starlings is a girls-only club for kids falling in the age range of 10 to 18 years. The club has a minimum volleyball program fee, making it an affordable option. However, the club also extends free enrollment for girls unable to afford the program. 

Philly Starlings is a non-profit and tax-exempt volleyball organization that owns 50-plus clubs across America. It offers indoor high school programs, indoor youth programs, and outdoor volleyball programs. The club coaches teach the fundamentals and the expert skills of playing professional volleyball.

3.   Synergy Volleyball Club

Synergy Volleyball accepts entries from the city and suburban areas of Philly. It has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. As a member, you can participate in training, volleyball events, leagues, and service projects. You can register for tryouts, middle school programs, fall position programs, fall open gym, and open play nights.

Synergy’s fees depend on the selected program, but they start at $200. This membership fee includes uniforms, playing equipment, tournament entry fees, administrative fees, and other tournament-related costs. 

The club has almost a dozen head coaches and assistant coaches. It also offers a sport psychologist to promote members' physical and psychological wellness.

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4.   Phield House

Phield House is an indoor sports facility in Philadelphia that has multiple volleyball courts inside its gym club. It is a welcoming place for all local residents despite their playing expertise.

Phield House is spread over 25,000 square feet in Center City. It has two synthetic turf fields, a multi-purpose court, the newest training equipment, an all-purpose party room, and a Wi-Fi lounge for relaxing after an intense game or training session. It offers different volleyball programs for beginners, mid-level, and elite players.

5.   Philadelphia Volleyball

Philadelphia Volleyball is a leading pickup volleyball club that organizes volleyball players and teaches them to play elite-level sports. It is a members-only club that plans volleyball matches, tournaments, and training sessions in parks and gyms around Philadelphia.

This club is led by volunteers and has top-of-industry volleyball coaches who have trained 3465 members. Philadelphia Volleyball organizes multiple tournaments and volleyball leagues. It holds competitive matches on beaches and indoor gyms to advance its members' skillset.

6.   Heyday Athletic

Heyday Athletic is an online platform that organizes sports clubs. Along with volleyball, its members can participate in other athletic activities, such as softball and basketball. It has been organizing sports leagues and tournaments since 1993. Apart from Philadelphia, it is located in Philly Burbs, New Jersey, Delaware, and Lehigh Valley.

The Heyday Volleyball Athletic teams organize volleyball matches for men, women, and co-eds. These events are held at beaches, school gyms, outdoor grass gyms, and playgrounds. 

You can sign up with your team to play exciting matches. If you don't have a volleyball team, you can sign up individually, and Heyday will place you in a group according to your skill level.

7.   Parkwood Youth Organization

Parkwood Youth Organization unifies multiple sports in its club. It offers volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, and baseball programs. Parkwood has recently started offering girls' volleyball programs to children ages 10 to 15. Each program's goal is to teach the fundamentals of volleyball and instill a love of the game and friendly competition in the youth.

The program costs $60, and each team practices for an hour a weeknight. Final games are usually held on Friday and Sunday, depending on the scheduled opening. Parkwood has good Philadelphia coaches on their platform. The club also appoints volunteers to teach volleyball.

8.   Philadelphia Belles Volleyball

Philadelphia Belles Volleyball offers competitive volleyball programs for personal, group, and team training. It is a girls-only volleyball club primarily focused on teaching youth teams. Philadelphia Belles have excellent coaches that work on improving athletic abilities, physical strength, and mental toughness because these skills are a must during competitive matches.

The club is well-known for its elite volleyball programs. The coaches personally provide feedback to each athlete and help them obtain a sports scholarship program in college. The club designs intense training programs focusing on defensive movements, eye-to-hand coordination, swings, and timing.

9.   Peak Performance Volleyball Club

Peak Performance is registered with Keystone Region Volleyball Association. This Philly volleyball club is for youth players. Children from the age of 8 to 18 can participate in their volleyball programs. Peak Performance's cheapest program costs $1000, with members having two weekly practices and playing five tournaments. The club also provides a warm-up base, a volleyball, a couple of jerseys, and a pair of spandex and knee pads.

Peak Performance will hold tryouts at the Greater Plymouth Community Center. You can take your kid to check their skill level. The tryout fee is $40; the rest will be communicated if your child makes the team.

Join a Volleyball Club in Philly

That concludes our list of Philly volleyball clubs. When it comes to fun adult leagues, our city has plenty to choose from. Now you can review and enroll in a volleyball program that is easily accessible and falls within your price range.

Download the eseo app to connect with the best athletic groups in Philadelphia. We are an innovative community that serves all sports enthusiasts. Whether you are a newbie trying out the ropes or an advanced athlete looking to find a dream team, we have you covered.

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want to play volleyball on a rec league? check out this list of philly's best.