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adult sports leagues in philadelphia

want to find people to play with? check out this list of adult sports leagues in philly

Philly is home to many sports fanatics and athletes. In the City of Brotherly Love, you should get outside and join a league if you want to enjoy your interest in sports with the greater community. Looking for some Philadelphia adult sports leagues to be part of? Here’s a list of some of the most active leagues around, from competitive to “just for fun”.

Organized Adult Sports Leagues in Philly

If you’re serious about leveling up in the playing field, look for an organized adult sports league. This means the league is scheduled and requires registration to join. Skill level, cost and sign-up requirements vary.

Adult Field Sports

Football, soccer, rugby, frisbee golf: be proud. You’ve earned those grass stains on your knees.

Casa Soccer League: “For players, by players.” You know you can trust a soccer league to be good when it’s organized by lovers and players of the sport. Casa is a non-profit organization that welcomes players of all skill levels to enjoy affordable soccer playing.

Greater Philadelphia Flag Football League: Join an inclusive flag football league that plays seasonally with just the right amount of competition. They welcome all gender identities and keep their league fun, encouraging and outreach-oriented. 

Philly Major League Bocce Ball: Bocce ball? Yes– there’s a league for you. Co-ed and gendered teams hit the local lawns for relaxing fun in the sun (but you still want to try to win!).

Philadelphia Area Disk Alliance Leagues: Beginner and intermediate leagues for disk golf AKA frisbee golf get busy during spring and summer. PADA cultivates character and community with year-round leagues for all ages, frequenting many Philly parks.

Miscellaneous Sports

There’s room for everyone in Philly, even when your favorite sport to play falls outside of “sporty” norms.

Philadelphia American Poolplayers Association League: Get serious about your pool game and compete for the chance to join the championships in Las Vegas. Enjoy billiard events and 8-person teams from January through June.

Philly Axe Throwing Leagues: Axe throwing is harder than it seems! Prove your expertise with the Philly leagues by Bury the Hatchet. Don’t forget to sign the liability waiver.

Baseball and Softball

Swing, batter batter, swing: it wouldn’t be Philadelphia without a few good baseball leagues. 

City of Brotherly Love Softball League: This is a safe space for LGBT softball players of all genders and skill levels. CBLSL is organized with different divisions to choose from all year long, from women’s to mixed teams.  

Greater Philadelphia Men’s Adult Baseball League: Men 40+ also have a place to enjoy one of the most beloved sports in Philly. The Men’s Adult Baseball League has had a good reputation since 2001 and continues to play on Sundays.

Tennis and Volleyball

Hit the concrete (or the court) but don’t hit the net! Tennis and volleyball fans, we’ve got you covered.

Philadelphia Liberty Tennis: PLTA promotes tennis for all. Join a split division and even train to make it to the Philly Open. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have fun and get in shape. 

Philadelphia Tennis League: Join the tennis league for spring, summer and fall seasons. Sign up for “tourneys” as you stay active and improve your tennis skills. 

Philadelphia Volleyball: Volunteer-run 6x6 volleyball leagues where you can choose to play on sand or court? Sign up while you can.

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Philadelphia Pickup Sports Leagues  

Sometimes pickup leagues can be way more fun than constructive ones that require commitment. For anyone who wants spontaneous sports play, these leagues are for you. 

Philly Kickball League: As the self-proclaimed “most enjoyable league in Philly”, kickball hobbyists meet for fun and camaraderie every week for Sunday Funday. 

Philadelphia Fins (Swimming): Join an aquatics team that supports gay and lesbian team swimmers who are new to competitive swimming or experienced record holders. They welcome swimmers of all skill levels and have training intensives for swim conditioning. 

Philadelphia Falcons (Soccer): The beloved Philly Falcons hold pickup games, organized leagues and soccer tournaments. They’re always inclusive, always driven and a lot of fun!

Philly Gryphons Rugby Football: Play some rugby and support a good cause at the same time. With fun team meetups and ongoing community outreach events, the Gryphons Rugby team makes Philly a better place, one game at a time.

Penn Park Ultimate Frisbee Pickup League: More ultimate frisbee, but with less formal registration: join locals at Penn Park several days of the week for ultimate outdoor fun. 

Adults Sports Organizations in the Philadelphia Area

If you’re trying to find an all-in-one source for locating different sports leagues throughout the year, here are some year-round organizations that have resources for athletes and beginners of various skill levels. 

Heyday Athletic: You’re likely to find any sport you can think of on the Heyday Athletic league website. Formerly known as “Philly Sports Leagues”, Heyday organizes dozens of leagues at a time, all year long. Men’s, women’s and co-ed sports teams rotate frequently, from basketball to pickleball and more. Find your favorite sport and sign up ASAP.

Phield House Indoor Sports Facility: The Phield House is an indoor sports facility that hosts a large variety of Philadelphia leagues, operating almost daily. Aside from hosting adult and kids leagues from public and private athletic organizations, Philed House also hosts its own. 

Manayunk Sport and Social: As one of Philly’s most beloved recreational sports organizations, you can sign up solo or as a team and find someone to play with. Choose from kickball, softball and other fun sports, and enjoy social events and free drinks after the games. 

Find Your Next Sports League in Philly

No matter what your sport of choice is, Philadelphia probably has a league for you. Search online or better yet, use the eseo app (every sport for every one) where you can search sports teams and make local athlete friends. Download the eseo app today to find the league you’ve been waiting for.

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want to find people to play with? check out this list of adult sports leagues in philly