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batter up!: all about intramural softball in philadelphia

find all of the details on the intramural softball scene in philly

Whether or not you self-identify as a softie, softball is a fun, social game that almost everyone can enjoy. 🥎🧢🏟 If you want to find a softball team to play with this summer, download the eseo app to find teammates in your area. And check out this list of intramural softball leagues in Philadelphia.

Summer sports are here! In Philadelphia, intramural softball is one of the most popular choices. 

It’s an easy game that can be played casually or competitively. Not only is it fun to play with friends and family, but it also provides a great opportunity to socialize and meet new people.   

If you want to hit a home run this season, use the eseo app to find teams to play with or against. And keep reading to learn more about intramural softball leagues in Philly.

How to Organize an Intramural Softball League

So, you downloaded the eseo app and found interested players in your area. Now what?

Here are a few things you should consider if you want to organize your own softball league. 

Determine the size—Figure out how many teams you have in your league and begin planning a season. Consider how long you want the season to be, what your playoff structure will be, and how many teams you’d ideally want to accommodate.

Locate the facilities—Find a few places to play around where your teammates live. If you have teammates in different neighborhoods, be sure to evenly disperse the games among these neighborhoods. 

Determine the fees—Calculate the fees for any facilities, equipment rentals, parking, and lights. Now split the cost between teams and teammates. The amount you end up with should be the dues that each team pays.

Advertise—If you haven’t found enough players or teams to fill out your league, now is the time to begin advertising. With the details you’ve established, post flyers in athletic spaces in your area, advertise on social media, and reach out to local organizations.

Intramural Softball Leagues in Philadelphia

While most intramural softball leagues are based out of universities, there are a few public leagues as well. Here’s a list of multiple options.

Philadelphia Adult League — Softball (PALS)

PALS is an adult softball league in Philly. They have a variety of leagues and games that take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. 

What makes the PALS unique is that they support local nonprofits. So you can enjoy a game and feel good about making a difference, too.

Follow them on Instagram to see information about their organization.

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City of Brotherly Love Softball League

The City of Brotherly Love Softball League (CBLS) is an inclusive LGBTQ softball league in Philadelphia that has been running for 34 years. 

Teams meet every Sunday at Fairmount Park to play. The season begins in April and ends in July. 

They offer four divisions: Open Competitive, Open Recreational, Women’s Competitive, and Women’s Recreational. 

All members of the LGBTQ community—including allies—are welcome to join this league.

Heyday Athletic Softball Leagues

Heyday Athletic organizes intramural leagues in a variety of sports. They have dozens of softball leagues in Philly and the surrounding area, so it's a great option for people outside the city center. 

Heyday Athletic often partners with Phield House, an indoor sports facility in downtown Philly with a great reputation for hosting clinics, leagues, and youth sports activities. For anyone who wants to learn or sharpen some softball skills before joining a team or league, check out their fielding, hitting, and quick ball clinics.

University Intramural Softball in Philadelphia

The fantastic colleges and universities in Greater Philly offer some of the best intramural sports opportunities available in Pennsylvania. If you’re a college student, inquire with your athletic department about whether or not intramural softball is available. 

You can find other students to start a team with using the eseo app. You can also try social media, meetup groups, and advertising with your school’s athletic department. Once you have a team, you’ll be ready to register for a university league.

Here’s a list of a few intramural softball leagues available in Philadelphia.

University of Pennsylvania

All members of the Penn community who have an active membership card can participate in this intramural softball league. 

Temple University

Temple University offers both men’s and co-recreational intramural softball leagues. All equipment is provided by the organizers and games take place every Sunday morning.

Drexel University

Drexel University students, faculty, and staff can sign up for their intramural softball league. The intramural department at the university also hosts a variety of sports events and activities throughout the year. 

La Salle University

La Salle University undergraduates can sign up for this intramural softball league. The university offers a women’s, men’s, and co-recreational league. 

Swarthmore College

Swarthmore College offers one-day tournaments, sports events, and leagues to students, faculty, and staff at their college. Visit their website for updates on which sports are on offer and when seasons begin.

Arcadia College

Arcadia College’s intramural department provides students, faculty, and staff with health and fitness opportunities, including the option to play in their softball league. 


Players who aren’t already on the Villanova softball or baseball team are eligible to play in this intramural league. The department offers a men’s, women’s, and co-recreational league.

Intramural Softball in Philly

Whether you’re looking for a university league or a social game, Philly has an intramural softball team for you.

Pitchers, shortstops, and basemen can use the eseo app to find teammates to play with in Philadelphia. We’re creating an accessible and inclusive community of athletes in Philadelphia—and don't worry, if you can move, you’re an athlete.

If you want to read more about Philly sports and events, check out our blog. We post regular updates on all things sports in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

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find all of the details on the intramural softball scene in philly