best ways to play sports in philly
October 5, 2022

looking for ways to play your favorite sports in philly? our city is a great place for team sports! check out this list for leagues and tournaments near you.

10 ways to play sports in philly
8 sunday softball leagues in philadelphia
September 19, 2022

read about the best sunday softball leagues philly has to offer

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8 best sports for the new school year
August 8, 2022

8 sports for your kids to play this school year

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batter up!: all about intramural softball in philadelphia
July 27, 2022

find all of the details on the intramural softball scene in philly

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softball in philadelphia: the best leagues, fields, and groups
July 22, 2022

want to batter-up, catch, and slide into home plate? here are the best spots for softball in philly

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recreational team sports

philadelphia offers many excellent options for recreational team sports - all that you need is a passion for the game and a love for the community.

learn more about recreational team sports
philadelphia pickup sports

sports strengthen our communities by offering a glimpse of what we can achieve together.

philadelphia pickup sports
philadelphia sports fans

professional and collegiate athletes get most of the spotlight but it’s not only the players on TV that make Philadelphia a fierce sports town — it’s athletes like you, too.

philadelphia sports fans
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