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best ways to play sports in philly

looking for ways to play your favorite sports in philly? our city is a great place for team sports! check out this list for leagues and tournaments near you.

Looking to play your favorite sport in Philly? 🏃🏻‍♀️🎽✨We’ve got you covered! At eseo, we connect you to other athletes in your area. And to help you get started, we’re sharing the best ways to play sports in Philly. Download our app today to get connected! 

Whether your favorite sport is soccer or pickleball, you’re likely looking to build community with other players.

Sports aren’t just for professional athletes—they’re for everyone! And at eseo, we believe in bringing communities of people together. Communities that play together, stay together. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the best places for you to play in Philly. 

If you want to meet athletes with similar interests in your area, download the eseo app.

To find out the best ways to play sports near you in Philadelphia, keep reading.

10 Ways to Play Sports in Philly

From adult sports leagues to pick-up games, we have the best ways for you to play with other athletes in the Philly area. 

1. Heyday Athletic

HeyDay Athletic is a platform designed to help you find local sports leagues, tournaments, and sports events. It’s a great platform for everyone to find a sport to play, regardless of experience. 

2. Pickup and Sports Leagues through Meetup

In Philly, Meetup is a popular platform for those looking for sports to play in the area. You might be looking for a casual pickup game or a more consistent league to join—both can be found on Meetup. 

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3. Casa Soccer League

Casa Soccer League is a non-profit that provides athletes in the Philly, New Jersey, and Boston areas with organized soccer games. The Casa Soccer League is great for any schedule since they offer soccer every night of the week for all skill levels. 

4. Philadelphia Adult League Softball

If you’re a softball player, the Philadelphia Adult League Softball offers four different softball leagues in West Philly. They open up registration throughout the year, so if you can’t sign up, join their waitlist or check back when the next season opens.

5. Sofive Soccer Centers

Sofive Soccer Centers offer an indoor soccer experience and are the largest operators of indoor soccer in the area. You can register for a league, tournament, pickup game, or rent a field if you’re getting a team together for a game.

6. Philly Kickball League

The Philly Kickball League is a casual community of kickball players whose goal is to have fun. They have a “no whining” rule but don’t worry. You won’t have the desire to whine, since the league is considered a fun, safe place to play kickball. 

This League gathers every Sunday afternoon for a game at Starr Garden in Philadelphia. Each team participating can have up to 10 players at a time.

7. Phield House

Phield House is an indoor sports complex in Philly that offers leagues for youth and adults. They also host clinics, summer camps, and special events. Some of their most popular sports include baseball, softball, basketball, and soccer. Phield House is a favorite spot among Philly parents who want to connect with fellow sporty parents while also nurturing a love of the game in their children.  

8. Find a Team on the eseo App

There are many great leagues near Philly, but if you want to get your own group together, the eseo app allows you to connect with other athletes in your community. 

eseo is a great place to connect with runners, cyclists, or other athletes in your area. The app also connects you to sporting events near you and provides an inclusive community where people can connect. 

9. Playmore Adult Sports

Just outside of the city, you’ll find Playmore Adult Sports, a popular place for sports and social events in New Jersey. There’s something available for athletes of every level, and they offer a variety of sports including field hockey, flag football, and tennis. Tournaments are also hosted at Playmore if your team has a competitive streak.

10. YSC Sports

YSC focuses on soccer and offers both indoor and outdoor fields. They’re also the Official Youth Development Training Center of the Philadelphia Union, providing free training for the top youth soccer players in the region. YSC Sports offers soccer leagues, tournaments, and camps and is designed to be a fun and safe place for adults and youth to play. 

Playing Sports in Philly

Philly is full of numerous sports leagues and tournaments, both for casual players and seasoned players who compete regularly. Regardless of your skill level, there’s no shortage of people who love playing sports and connecting with others who do too. 

At eseo, we enjoy building a community of people who love sports as much as we do. Check out our app today to start playing in your area!

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looking for ways to play your favorite sports in philly? our city is a great place for team sports! check out this list for leagues and tournaments near you.