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8 best sports for the new school year

8 sports for your kids to play this school year

Whether your little one wants to learn new skills or work toward a future scholarship, sports are a terrific way to help your child reach their full potential. 👟🏆🥎 The eseo app can connect you to other parents with athletic kids in your area. Download the app to learn more, and check out this list of the best sports for children of all ages.

When looking at the benefits of sports participation in children, it’s easy to see why so many parents encourage their kids to get in the game. Not only do sports have fantastic health and wellness benefits, but they can also lead to improved social skills and even scholarship opportunities.

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For more information on the best sports for the new school year, check out this list. We cover the best sports for child athletes in the new school year. Keep reading to learn more!

8 Best Sports for Students

From young children just entering the athletic world to high school varsity players, parents should focus on sports that foster teamwork, social skills, and confidence. This can lay the groundwork for a foundation of self-esteem that will benefit your child throughout their entire life.

Here are some popular choices for school children of all ages. 

1. Soccer

Soccer is a fantastic option for children because it focuses on team building and communication skills, all while encouraging a whole lot of exercise. 

There are many options for soccer teams for children in Philly. If your public school doesn’t offer soccer as an extracurricular activity, your child could join one of the leagues at Phield House or Philly Soccer.

There are hundreds of different soccer leagues available for kids in Greater Philly, so you’re bound to find one that is the perfect fit for your family. 

2. Little League Fall Ball

Baseball is a great confidence-building sport, as it allows younger children who may be intimidated by more fast-paced sports to enjoy a more laid-back playing experience. 

It also provides parents and spectators with an opportunity to offer praise and offer feedback to every player individually, as each player steps up to the bat.

While typically considered a springtime sport, many schools have fall-ball leagues for kids that love baseball and softball. If you can’t find a league in your area, check out the clinics or camps at Phield House to teach your child essential softball skills before the season opens in the spring. 

3. Gymnastics

For more introverted children, gymnastics is a fantastic option to help them gain confidence in their abilities. Not only will it provide them with an opportunity to learn unique skills that will improve their self-worth, but they will also learn responsibility, perseverance, and discipline.

Gymnastics is taught year-round in local gymnasiums all over Philly, but some popular options include the Philadelphia Gymnastics Center and Philly InMovement.

4. Dance

Studies have found that dance is one of the most beneficial after-school activities that children can participate in. There are tons of physical, social, and emotional benefits for young children who take part in dance classes. 

While many high schools in Philly offer dance programs to their students, there are also many popular dance studios for younger kids. Some options are Philadelphia Dance Fitness and Settlement Music School.

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5. Swimming

Swimming is another great option for more introverted children. Not only can swimming lessons improve confidence and lead to future scholarships, but they can also help children get jobs! 

High school students who work part-time as lifeguards make more money than typical minimum-wage entry-level jobs. Being a lifeguard also provides kids with a widely respected skillset that will serve them well in their future careers.

Students can sign up for swimming lessons through their local YMCA, including lifeguard certification training programs.    

6. Karate

Martial arts is a popular sport for younger children. The sport is considered especially beneficial for kids with ADHD, as it has less of a focus on fast-paced teamwork, instead fostering self-control, discipline, and a connection with the body. 

While most schools don’t offer karate or martial arts classes, there are many public classes for kids in the Philly area. Try the Philadelphia Karate Training Center or Martial Posture.

7. Cross country

This sport is great for building strong respiratory health, a solid connection with one’s body, and perseverance. Introverted children will excel at long-distance running, and will be presented with opportunities to compete at multiple levels. 

Track and field tryouts start with every new school year. Older students who enjoy running can participate in some of Philly’s best 5ks or join one of the city’s many running clubs as a way to make friends with similar interests.

8. Football

For many high school students, there are few sports as exciting as football. Aside from the fanfare that many high school football players can earn, there are other benefits to playing this sport. 

Firstly, it’s one of the easiest sports to earn a scholarship for. It’s also great for building teamwork and leadership skills, which look good on a resume and will benefit your child later in life. 

For high school students, football tryouts will begin immediately when the school year does. For students who want to play football outside of school, the Philadelphia Eagles Youth Football Mission offers clinics and a youth academy.

Get Your Child Involved in Sports This School Year

That concludes our list of the best sports for the new school year. Whether your child is introverted or extroverted, motivated to become the best on the field, or just wants to have fun, there is a great option in Philly for them.

At eseo, we’re working to connect athletes and sports fans in Philadelphia to create an inclusive and accessible community of active people. Whether you’re a spiker, biker, or hiker, we want you on our team! Download the eseo app to meet parents with athletic children in your area.

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8 sports for your kids to play this school year