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7 bowling leagues you can join in philadelphia

join one of these fantastic bowling leagues in philly

Ready to bowl a strike? 🎳🏆🍻Join one of these awesome bowling leagues in Philadelphia. And use the eseo app to meet people in your area who love to bowl.

Bowling is a fun, social sport for anyone who wants to enjoy the great indoors. It’s a popular choice for staying active in the winter and attracts a wide variety of players to want to enjoy each other’s company and improve their personal best scores.

If you want to meet people to join a bowling league with, use the eseo app. We’re cultivating an accessible and inclusive community of athletes and sports fans in Philadelphia and we’d love to have you on our team!

Philadelphia has a variety of bowling leagues and groups for all ages and skill levels to enjoy. Keep reading to learn more about seven bowling leagues in the city. 

7 Bowling Leagues in Philadelphia 

Whether you’re looking to max out your score sheet or just enjoy an evening of casual bowling, these bowling leagues will give all athletic people something to look forward to this winter. 

1. Better Off Bowling (BOB)

Better Off Bowling hosts a series of co-ed social bowling leagues in Philly for people in their 20s and 30s. 

They began as a six-week league that the group considered just a fun opportunity to socialize and catch up with friends. The league quickly grew and now hosts multiple leagues year-round with trivia, contests, drinks, bar games, sports viewing parties, and more.

A few of BOB’s highlights include:

  • Opportunities to meet hundreds of new people from the city
  • Dating opportunities for singles
  • Events for people who have recently moved to the city
  • Post-work events for coworkers and team-building exercises
  • Game, trivia, and bar nights

In order to join the league, you can sign up as an individual, a small group, a whole team, or a corporate team. Download the eseo app to form a team and join the league!

2. North Bowl Philly

North Bowl Philly has a variety of inclusive adult bowling leagues for all skill levels. Join the competitive league if you’re a serious bowler, or try out their social league if you’re just looking to meet new people. 

Teams are made up of six players and host four bowlers per game. Each night, teams will play three games. In order to accommodate players of varying skill levels, North Bowl handicaps their leagues.

This is a great option for anyone who is new to bowling and just wants to try something new. 

3. Thunderbird Leagues

Thunderbird Lanes Bowling Alley hosts a wide range of different leagues every night of the week. Some of the leagues Thunderbird Lanes has hosted in the past include:

  • Doubles
  • Reales Pro Shop League
  • 10 Back Singles
  • Seniors League
  • B.O.W.L.S for BALLS
  • Threesomes
  • Mixed Fours
  • Adult Leagues
  • Youth Leagues
  • Juniors Leagues
  • 9-Pin No Tap

The schedules for each season are updated on their website regularly. This is a fantastic option for those who want to join a specific type of league catered to your precise skill level and interests.

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4. Wynnewood Lanes Leagues

Wynnewood Lanes Leagues offers men’s, women’s, co-ed, youth, beginner, and competitive leagues. Whatever you’re looking for, they’ll have a league available for you.

Wynnewood staff members provide tips and advice on what league to join, so if you’re unsure, visit their website to learn more about how to contact them.

5. PEP Bowl

PEP Bowl organizes more competitive leagues, though they welcome all skill levels. The leagues are handicapped and accommodate four-person teams. 

Registration for each new season is updated on their website. The leagues take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. 

They have a specific league for seniors that includes coffee and shoe rental in the league fees. Beginners are encouraged to join. 

They also offer to host business leagues for workplaces and team building.

6. HeyDay Athletic League Listings

HeyDay Athletic is a great place to start searching for leagues in your area. The platform helps organizers advertise and plan their leagues, so the listings are updated regularly. 

Depending on availability, HeyDay Atheltic leagues could include women’s, men’s, co-ed, beginner, competitive, youth, seniors, and singles leagues.

It’s a great place to start your search for a league in nearly any sport, including bowling.

7. Philadelphia Gay Bowling League

The Philadelphia Gay Bowling League is an LGBTQ-friendly bowling league in the city. The league meets every September and runs all winter. 

In order to join the league, you’ll need to sign up for a membership, as the Philadelphia Gay Bowling League is a USBC league and a member of IGBO.

8. American Blind Bowling Association

The American Blind Bowling Association is a national organization with chapters in Deleware and Philadelphia.

The organization hosts events and games for visually impaired bowlers all over the country. It’s a fantastic example of how our city’s inclusive and accessible athletic community supports and uplifts all our residents.

Join a Bowling League in Philadelphia

That concludes our list of seven bowling leagues in Philadelphia. Whether you’re a competitive kegler or a frequent passenger of the gutter-ball express, we’ve got a bowling league or group for you to enjoy.

To meet people to join a bowling league in your area, download the eseo app. We’re cultivating an accessible and inclusive community of athletes and sports fans in Philadelphia. From bowlers to goalies—everyone is welcome on our team.

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join one of these fantastic bowling leagues in philly