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10 winter sports you have to try

Ready to brave the cold and get your blood pumping? Here’s are a few winter sports opportunities in Philadelphia.

Got the winter blues? We get it — cold weather makes it harder to play the sports you depend on to keep your mind and body healthy. When it’s too cold to hit your favorite outdoor fields and courts, it’s easy to start feeling bored and isolated, cut off from the activities you love. Here’s the good news: there are a ton of winter sports opportunities waiting for you in Philadelphia. 

Ready to brave the cold and get your blood pumping? eseo is here for it! That’s why we made a list of 10 winter sports in the Philadelphia area that you have to try. And who knows? You may end up finding a new favorite. 

At eseo, we believe that the sport you choose is irrelevant, as long as you choose to play. That’s why we connect players, coaches, fans and their communities with sports opportunities year-round. Need sports resources? Visit us online. 

1. Snowshoeing at Wissahickon Valley Park

If you love hiking in scenic places, you’re going to love snowshoeing. Winter in Philadelphia means that parks and trails look completely different and are often covered in snow and ice. Snowshoes are specialized shoes that help you walk over the snow without falling through it. All you need to do to start enjoying the winter magic is find a pair of snowshoes and pick your favorite Philly trail to explore. We recommend Wissahickon Valley Park

2. Ice Hockey at Rizzo Rink

If you’ve always wanted to live out your Mighty Ducks fantasy, winter’s a great time of year to make it a reality. Philadelphia offers skaters and hockey players five public rinks where they can develop their skills and meet other players. Rizzo Rink is a great option for people who want to learn the basics, join an ice hockey team or just enjoy open ice hockey on a well-maintained rink.  

3. Skiing at Bear Creek Mountain

Skiing might be the closest sport to flying. If you’ve always wanted to give skiing a try, you’re in luck — Bear Creek Mountain is only 90 minutes north of the city. Bear Creek Mountain has 21 trails for skiers and snowboarders at every skill level, as well as a complimentary ski check at the base of the mountain. Stay at Bear Creek Mountain Resort for a weekend adventure, or just make a day trip to hit the slopes. 

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4. Snow Tubing in Fairmount Park

Snow tubing is basically sledding with an inner tube. Sounds fun, right? It’s extremely fun, and the best part is that it’s accessible to people of all ages and doesn’t require a lot of gear. When there’s snow on the ground, grab an inner tube and find a hill. We recommend the Belmont Plateau in Fairmount Park, but any big hill will do. If you’d rather snowboard or ski while the kids snow tube, most ski resorts near Philadelphia include a snow tubing course. 

5. Figure Skating at Tarken Ice Rink

Let’s be honest: who hasn’t wanted to try figure skating at some point in their lives? It’s one of the most beautiful sports to watch and exhilarating to try. If you’ve always wanted to lace up your skates and learn the basics, this winter’s a great time to start. Tarken Ice Rink offers free public skating, ice skate rental and figure skating lessons. 

6. Snowboarding at Spring Mountain Adventure

If you’re already comfortable on a skateboard, the transition from skateboarding to snowboarding is a natural one. Plus, the vast majority of ski resorts in the Philadelphia area will happily accommodate snowboarders. Even if you’ve never done either, snowboarding doesn’t require a huge learning curve, just a little practice. Beginners can cut their teeth at Spring Mountain Adventure, a year-round outdoor activity center just north of the city. 

7. Curling at Philadelphia Curling Club

Curling is sort of like playing shuffleboard on a much larger scale… with brooms. It sounds strange, but it’s a beloved winter sport that’s been around (in one form or another) for hundreds of years and is a ton of fun. It’s also an Olympic sport. If you’re ready to try a new competitive winter sport, check out the Philadelphia Curling Club for a well-maintained facility that’s open to players of all skill levels. 

8. Luge at Blue Mountain Resort 

Luge is another Olympic sport that many Philadelphians are eager to try. A luge is a small, one- or two-person sled that a person lays on face up with their feet forward. A luger steers by moving their calf muscles to flex the sled’s runners. Luge tracks are designed with curved banks and walled-in straights and are very smooth so that the luger meets minimal resistance. This is a high-speed sport and not for the faint of heart! Olympic lugers reach speeds of nearly 90 mph, but beginners should take it very slow. A great place to learn is at Blue Mountain Resort, a couple hours north of Philly, which is home to the only natural east coast USA luge track and serves as a USA Luge Training Recruitment Site every February. 

9. Snowmobiling in the Poconos

If riding a dirtbike, motorcycle or four-wheeler is your thing, you’re going to love riding a snowmobile. Snowmobiling is an amazing way to explore an outdoor area and get a jolt of adrenaline while doing so. If you want to try snowmobiling for the first time, you should consider snowmobiling in the Pocono Mountains

10. Gymnasium Sports 

A new winter sport can be an exciting challenge, but sometimes you just want to play your favorite sport. Whether you love soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, flag football or racquetball, Philadelphia has an indoor venue for you. Just looking for an open basketball gymnasium in your area? Find a gym near you with the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation finder

No matter the sport or the season, eseo is here to help you find the resources you need to get out and play. Have questions? We’re happy to chat! Contact us online and we’ll answer you questions to the best of our abilities

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Ready to brave the cold and get your blood pumping? Here’s are a few winter sports opportunities in Philadelphia.