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running safety tips for women

it's important to stay safe out there - eseo has enhanced safety features, and here are some tips!

Whether you’re training for a marathon or running to improve your mental health, don’t let anything get in the way of your goals! 🏃🏻‍♀️👟🏆 Keep these running safety tips for women in mind so you can avoid problems and focus on progress.

There’s nothing quite like a good run in the morning sunshine. Fresh air, a little sweat, and your pump-up song playing from your headphones—it’s the best way to start your day. But for women, one bad experience can be enough to interrupt your routine. That’s why it’s important to keep a few running safety tips for women in mind.

If you’re interested in running, download the eseo app for information on running clubs, marathons, and opportunities to meet other runners in Philadelphia. And keep reading for 8 safety tips for women running alone.

8 Running Safety Tips for Women

Here are the tips we’d recommend most to stay safe while running!

1. Run during the daytime

Many of the running safety tips for women on this list involve staying in sight of others. This way, if anything does happen, people in the surrounding area will see it and be able to come to your aid immediately. 

While running at sunrise and sunset might seem exciting, it’s not a good habit to get into when it comes to your safety. But, if you must run at night or early in the morning, be sure to do so with a partner. Remember, there's safety in numbers.

2. Keep one ear free

Yes, I know—you can’t get in the zone without your running playlist. Don't worry, we would never ask you to. But one of the most important running safety tips for women is to be aware of your surroundings. That means keeping at least one ear available to listen for oncoming traffic or any approaching danger.

Try using a wireless earbud in one ear only, so you can get into the groove while still staying aware.

3. Use a route-tracking or location-sharing app

Let your friends or family know your route before you go. That way, if anything goes wrong, they’ll know exactly where to find you. 

You can you a route-tracking app like Strava or a location-sharing app like Apple’s Find My

As far as running safety tips for women go, this one is a super simple way to make you feel much more secure. Plus, you'll get to show off your successful runs and track your progress.

4. Carry your phone

Sticking with the theme from the previous running safety tip, it’s a good idea to keep your phone on you while you run. If you’re the type that likes to disconnect during your run, that’s no problem. Just turn it on airplane mode for a while.

If your workout gear doesn't offer much space for holding your phone, try using a running strap like this one. That way, you can keep your device within reach while remaining hands-free.

5. Find a running buddy

There are so many reasons to run with a buddy—not only will it help reduce your chance of danger, but it also could help keep you accountable to your goals. Not to mention, running with a buddy is just fun.

There are many ways to find people to exercise with. One of the best ways is to use the eseo app. It’s an ideal method for finding women to run with who have similar goals and fitness levels to you.

6. Stick to populated areas

When choosing your route, it can be tempting to seek out secluded natural spots like wooded trails or beaches, but when it comes to safety, you’re better off saving those for your group runs. 

One of the best running safety tips for women is to stick to highly populated areas when running alone. Try running around a residential area or a busy city park, so if anything goes wrong, there are people around to help out. There's also the added benefit of being close to your local coffee shop, too. So you can treat yourself at the end of your run.

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7. Don’t keep a predictable routine

Building off the last tip, try planning out a handful of different routes and randomizing them throughout the week. This is a great safety tip for women runners because it prevents others from learning your routine—just don’t forget to share your route with someone you trust!

8. Get trained in self-defense

Finally, only carry weapons like pepper spray only if you’re professionally trained to use them. There are many options for self-defense that don’t include weapons, and for solo female runners, they are a great investment. Try taking a self-defense course in your area to boost your confidence and stay safe while running alone.

Running Safety for Women: Safety in Numbers

At the end of the day, it’s important to not let fear stop you from getting out there and staying active. But you should always keep your safety in mind when you’re running alone.

The best running safety tip for women is to stick together. Find women to run with using the eseo app. You can also find information about running clubs, marathons happening in the Philly area, and more.

Stay safe and have fun, ladies!

If you want to read more articles for runners in Philadelphia, check out our blog for running tips and advice.

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it's important to stay safe out there - eseo has enhanced safety features, and here are some tips!