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4 philadelphia half-marathons taking place in 2022

not ready for the full/whole? there are plenty of great philly half-marathons to choose from

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Taylor Zantingh

Training for a Philadelphia half-marathon? 🏃🏻‍♀️👟🥇Read this list of 13.1Ks happening in the city this year. And use the eseo app to find runners to train with in your area!

If you’re a runner looking to challenge yourself, there’s no better way than to sign up for one of these Philadelphia half-marathons! 

Committing to a half-marathon is a fantastic way to hold yourself accountable for your goals. You can track your progress, train with friends or family, and celebrate your dedication to running when you cross the finish line. 

If you’re looking for more information about Philadelphia half-marathons, keep reading to learn about the best 13.1K events happening in the city this year. 

1. Philly Mayor’s Cup Half-Marathon

Date: August 13th 2022

Location: Belmont Plateau

The Philly Mayor’s Cup is a great event for runners of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a speed runner, a jogger, a trail runner, or a competitive marathon runner, this event will have a race for you! There are five different runs hosted on the same day and from the same starting point, including the half-marathon. 

If you want to participate in the Philly Mayor’s Cup, you’ll need to be a part of one of Philadelphia's amazing running clubs. You can get a password to register for this event through your club.

The event pits running clubs from all over Philadelphia against each other in a playful competition. The top runners—male and female—from each race will win points for their running club. The winning club gets to hold the title of the Mayor’s Cup Champion until next year’s race. 

There are different start times for each race so be sure to confirm on the registration website
Best of luck and may the best Philadelphia running club win!

2. Philadelphia Distance Run Half-Marathon

Date: September 18th 2022

Location: 22nd & Ben Franklin Parkway

The Philadelphia Distance Run is one of the world’s best half-marathons. Since its start in 1978, it has invited runners from all over Philly to challenge themselves on its picturesque course.

The Philadelphia Distance Run is an ideal race to kick off marathon season. It’s held on the third Sunday every September and attracts half-marathon runners from Philadelphia and beyond. 

With a course that takes runners through downtown Philly and along the Schuylkill River, it’s sure to be a memorable and rewarding race.

3. Rocky Run Philadelphia Half-Marathon

Date: November 12th 2022

Location: The Philadelphia Museum of Art 

Don’t let the name fool you—this course isn’t named after its terrain but rather a particular Philly icon. The Rocky Run is a Philadelphia half-marathon that honours the inner Rocky Balboa in every runner! 

Featuring three distance options that start at the same point, there is a race to suit every skill level. Start off with the 5K, or take a shot at the 10-mile run. 

If you really want to challenge yourself, go for the 13.1 Italian Stallion Challenge, which covers the 5K and 10-mile tracks. When you complete this half-marathon through downtown Philadelphia, you’ll earn a grand total of three completion medals.

This is a great half-marathon and a fun Philly tradition. So get ready to prove you can go the distance!

4. Philadelphia Marathon Weekend—The Dietz & Watson Philadelphia Half-Marathon

Date: November 19th 2022

Location: The Museum of Art

What began as a modest event in 1994 is now one of the best running events in the entire country. 

Participants of the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend will love the unique course, which runs through scenic neighborhoods, historic districts, and Philly’s beautiful Schuylkill Riverside. This event is one of the city’s most vibrant. It attracts crowds that line the course and excitedly cheer for the passing runners.

In addition to the Dietz & Watson Philadelphia Half-Marathon, this weekend-long event also hosts a child-friendly run, a free health & fitness expo, and the AACR Philadelphia Marathon. 

So no matter what your goals are, you’ll find something here.

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Start Training For Your Philadelphia Half-Marathon

That’s it for our list of the amazing Philadelphia half-marathons happening in 2022. Marathon season is only a few months away and preparing for one takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It can take up to four months to train for a half-marathon, so the time to start preparing for your race is now.

If you’re interested in meeting runners in your area, use the eseo app to find half-marathon runners to train with. We’re creating a community of athletes right here in Philadelphia. Runners, ballers, spikers, and hikers—you name it. We believe that if you can move, you’re an athlete!

And, if you’re looking for more running events in Philly to include in your training schedule, check out this list of the best Philadelphia running events happening this year. You’ll be beating your PR in no time. 

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not ready for the full/whole? there are plenty of great philly half-marathons to choose from