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what's happening in the philly running community?

Philadelphia is a runner’s city: nature trails, sidewalk jogs and competitive racing events abound. From leisure jogging to athletic runner training, there’s a place for every runner no matter their age, size or fitness ability. If you’re looking to join in Philly’s running events, here’s a list of the best. 

Philadelphia Endurance Running Events

Long-distance running, endurance running and cross-country running (terms that are often used interchangeably) include any form of running— competitive or solo— that covers more than a 3-mile distance. Here are some annual endurance running events in the Philly area. 

Philadelphia Marathon: What run event in Philadelphia is the largest? The Philly Marathon is not only the largest in PA, it’s one of the largest in the country. Serious runners endure over 26 miles of physical and mental stamina in the annual Philly Marathon. They have teams to choose from including the AACR (American Association for Cancer Research), which raises money and support for cancer research. 

Dietz & Watson Philadelphia Half Marathon: Over 30,000 runners compete in Philly’s half marathon every year. Runners visit from all 50 states (and even out of the country!). 

Race Against Hunger: The 5K run (or walk) is a family-friendly event that’s been held in the Philly area for more than 25 years. The cause: to end hunger in the greater Philadelphia region. Proceeds go to the Coalition Against Hunger and local soup kitchens. 

The Love Run: This is the only half-marathon in Spring with over 11,000 runners every year. Praised for its beautiful course that includes top Philadelphia sights, thousands of volunteers and observers attend to cheer runners on, support good causes, enjoy amazing food and of course— spread love throughout Philly. 

Blue Cross Broad Street Run 10 Miler: For over 40 years, the Blue Cross Broad Street Run has been a Philly tradition. This is one of the biggest 10-mile runs in the U.S. For 2022, the Broad Street Run is Sunday, May 1st. 

Races and Running Events in Philadelphia

Marathons are for the strong-willed; sprint races are for runners committed to training and skill. From competitive runs to relay races, here are some of the running events to meet your need for speed. 

Penn Relays: Relay races are classic track & field events, and Philly hosts one of the country’s largest (and oldest) competitions. Top competitors from the U.S. come to Philly’s Franklin Field every April to race. 

Memorial Main Street Mile: A one-mile run to celebrate Memorial Day, the Memorial Main Street Mile offers races for various age groups and genders. 

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Philly Running Events for Kids and Teens

Want to include your kids in the wonderful world of running? There are plenty of kid-friendly races and running events in the greater Philadelphia area.

Kids’ Fun Run: The Philadelphia Marathon’s youth portion encourages children ages 5-12 to run. There are non-competitive options for dashes, half-mile and mile runs on the marathon weekend. 

Healthy Kids Running Series: The Healthy Kids Running Series in Spring of 2022 hosts dashes, half-mile and mile runs for kids ages two and up. They offer 5-week programs to encourage training, socializing and fun outdoor activities among Philly’s youth. 

Integrity Kids Race: An in-person and virtual event that encourages kids to race to the finish line with integrity. This is a one-mile run for a good cause, hosted by Meraki Run Club.

Find Philadelphia Running Events and Athletic Groups Near You

Whether you’re looking to break in your new running shoes, complete a running milestone or train for professional running competitions, Philly’s the place to be. In Philadelphia, there are plenty of events and running groups to get involved with. 

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what's happening in the philly running community?