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Philadelphia running clubs for adults and kids

Find the best places to run (and people to run with) in the Philadelphia area!

“Running teaches us that we are capable of so much more than we ever imagined.” Runner and 6-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion Mark Allen knew a thing or two about the benefits of running— and so do many of us who love to run. While non-runner types might think those who love to run are out of their minds, we know it’s what keeps our minds (and bodies) in the best shape. 

If you love to run or are new to running and want to fall in love with it one day, here are some of the best running clubs to check out in Philadelphia. Here’s to finding your running family!

Long-Distance Running, Track and Race Training Clubs 

Want to reach a PB (personal best) or make it to the championships? Look for one of these serious training clubs or track teams in Philly. 

Philadelphia Runner Track Club: Established in 2000, the Philadelphia Runner Track Club (PRTC) is for adult and post-collegiate runners with the goals of obtaining team championships, rigorous training, and Olympic pursuits.

Team Philly Race Training: From beginners to intermediate runners who want to join the races, get the coaching and group training you need with Team Philly. They train and teach fitness fundamentals, injury prevention, strength conditioning, and more. 

T3 Philly: For runners interested in taking their Triathlon training to the next level, T3 Philly is the go-to. Membership is $50 for the year; students get a discount. 

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Philly Running Clubs for Adults 

It can be hard to find running clubs when you want to be recognized for your unique identity in the group. Here are some runner clubs for adults seeking like-minded mentors and peers. 

Black Girls Run: Since 2009, black women have been standing up to the growing obesity epidemic among the African-American community by meeting together to run and train. BGR has clubs all over the U.S., but you can find their Philadelphia branch on Facebook

Black Men Run: Finding radical change through running and fitness is how some men find their place in the City of Brotherly Love: Black Men Run meets to jog, motivate each other, and form a community. Join their Facebook Page for more. 

Philly Front Runners Club: A group of LGBTQ+ runners who wish to inspire their community to get healthy and stay active. They welcome all levels of athletes and organize long-distance Philly Pride Runs

Swagga House Run Club: Swagga House Run Club was founded from a group from an Elkins Park tattoo studio, and is a fun-filled group that celebrates running, community, fashion, and more.

Queer Run: Queer Run is a running group for LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies. They have free weekly group runs that usually start from Rittenhouse Square in Philly.

Kids and Teens Philadelphia Running Clubs

Looking for a young people's running club, Philadelphia? Here are some race and training options for kids and teens throughout the city. 

Healthy Kids Running Series: With seasonal events and clubs for kids of various age groups, Philly’s inspiring kids to get up and run together. Their programs build friendships, inspire healthy exercise, and offer early training for elementary-aged students. 

Students Run Philly Style: Providing kids and teens social-building opportunities and personal mentoring, Students Run Philly Style helps transform kids’ lives. They inspire students to push themselves and do things they once thought impossible. 

Philly Marathon Dunkin’ Munchkins: While not an official Philadelphia running club, kids ages 5-12 can run in the children’s portion of the Philadelphia Marathon. There are options for kids to run dashes, full mile, or half-mile distances. 

Philadelphia Express Track Club: Kids ages 4 to 18 can join one of the several running teams part of the Philly Express Tack Club. They offer cross country, track, and training camps at various times of the year.  

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Philadelphia Running Club Meetup and Running Groups

You don’t have to be a serious athlete in training to enjoy the benefits of running. For those looking to just run for fun, check out these leisurely running meetups and trail-based jogs

Philly Runners: Since 2002, Philly Runners has been inspiring jogging and running for all skill levels, with no pressure to meet a certain pace or distance. If you’re looking for casual running fun, check out their schedule (rain or shine). 

Back on My Feet: Run for a good cause with Back on My Feet— a running organization that combats homelessness through care, teamwork, fitness, and community resources. Started in Philly, the organization now has branches and coaching programs throughout the U.S.

West Philly Runners: No matter what athletic level you are, make some new runner friends with West Philly Runners. They typically run 2, 4, or 6-mile routes at a pace of 10-minutes per mile.

Philly Runners Meetup Groups: Check out for more information on upcoming runners’ meetups. There are always new meetups and events being listed by different groups. Just enter your zip code and find new friends near you. 

Philadelphia: Where to Find Running Groups Near You

If you’re looking for new friends or training groups to run with, turn to online networking. The eseo (every sport for every one) app is a great place to connect with local sports enthusiasts who share your interests and goals. 

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Find the best places to run (and people to run with) in the Philadelphia area!