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hold the line!: your guide to ultimate frisbee in philadelphia

huck it like you mean it - philly has some epic ultimate ready for you

Get ready to huck it like you mean it! 🏅👟🥏 Find players to play ultimate frisbee with in Philadelphia using the eseo app. And check out this guide to ultimate frisbee in Philly.

Fans of ultimate frisbee don’t need to be told how fun the game can be. It’s a competitive, fast-paced sport with a growing number of fans all over the world, and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best sports to play as an adult.

If you love ultimate and want to meet people to form a team, download the eseo app. We’re creating a thriving community of athletes in Philly. And don't worry—if you can move, you’re an athlete. 

Whether you’re new to the sport or a certified disc enthusiast, you’ll find the information you need to get out onto the field and play ultimate frisbee in Philadelphia this summer.

Where to Play Ultimate Frisbee in Philadelphia

Ultimate fans have been expressing the need for more space in the city to play their favorite sport for years. Here are a few favorite spots around Philly.

Edgely Ultimate Frisbee Field

Home of the popular Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance leagues, Edgley Ultimate Frisbee Field is a popular choice among ultimate players. 

Located in the scenic Fairmount Park, this field is neighbored by some of the best green spaces in the city. Enjoy a pickup game before heading for a bite to eat, or to take a stroll along the Schuylkill River.

Penn Park

Conveniently located downtown at the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Park is a great place to play ultimate. Other facilities at this park include a variety of athletic fields and scenic riverside views.

South Philadelphia Supersite

The South Philadelphia SuperSite is the stadium where the Phoenix Ultimate Frisbee team plays. While it may not be as easily accessible for public ultimate groups, it’s a great place for ultimate fans to enjoy the game as spectators.

48th & Woodland Playground

48th & Woodland Playground is a great field for casual ultimate pickup. It’s located directly beside transit stops, making it a convenient and accessible option.

Philadelphia Ultimate Frisbee Leagues

For competitive ultimate players on established teams, try joining one of Philly’s leagues.

Philadelphia Area Disk Alliance (PADA)

The most popular ultimate league in the city, PADA hosts a variety of leagues for various skill levels. Aside from leagues, PADA offers various events and opportunities for community members to enjoy ultimate. 

Their events span all over the Philly area, including Delaware, Chester County, and South Philly. Whether you’re a high school student interested in their PHUEL league, a beginner looking to practice, or a competitive player wanting to test your skills in a weekend tournament, you’ll find your team with PADA. 

Heyday Athletic Ultimate Frisbee Leagues

Heyday Athletic helps organizers advertise leagues for a variety of sports, including ultimate. It’s a great place to check for ultimate leagues in your area. Check their website for registration information, league availability, and more information.

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Philadelphia Ultimate Frisbee Groups

Ultimate pickup is a great way to meet new people, socialize, and get some exercise. Here are a few casual ultimate frisbee groups in Greater Philly.

Penn Park Ultimate Frisbee Pickup

This diverse, co-ed group meets on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at Penn Park for casual, fun games of ultimate. The group is open to all skill levels and encourages people to recruit their friends and family members for the fun.

Equipment is not provided by this group. All players must bring their own cleats, a light and dark shirt, and cones if they have them. 

Doylestown Ultimate Frisbee Pickup

For anyone living outside of the city who wants to join a group near Doylestown, this group is a great option. They welcome all ages, genders, and skill levels to join them every Saturday at Bush Park. Be sure to bring a light and dark shirt and cleats if you have them.

Elkins Park Ultimate Frisbee Group

This group is perfect for ultimate players living on the northern outskirts of the city. They typically meet on Sunday mornings at Ogontz Park

Bryn Marauders

This adult-only group meets on Sunday morning at 10 am at Polo Field. Beginners are welcome and all players are expected to bring a dark and light shirt.

King of Prussia Ultimate Pickup

Tuesdays at 5:30, this group meets at Candlebrook Elementary School. This is a laid-back, casual, and social group of players who enjoy playing a game as much as they enjoy each other’s company.

Ambler Ultimate Pickup

The Ambler Ultimate Pickup Group is the longest-running pickup group in the world. The group meets at Temple Ambler University on Wednesday nights. Players must be 18 or older to participate. 

Play Ultimate Frisbee in Philly

That concludes our guide to ultimate frisbee in Philadelphia. Whether you're looking for some casual summer fun or a competitive league to grow your skills, the city has a group or league for you.

At eseo, we’re building an inclusive community of athletes in Philly, and we want you on our team! If you’re looking for people to practice your give n’ go technique, download the eseo app. You’ll find people and players to play with or against in your area.

If you toss the disc, don’t forget to snap a pic and tag us on Instagram for your chance to be featured. We love seeing what our community is up to.

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huck it like you mean it - philly has some epic ultimate ready for you