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Running Email Newsletters and Communities

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Ian Campbell

Run Communities and Newsletters

Ian Campbell
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Ian Campbell

After completing 30 runs in 30 days, I was curious how other runners stayed motivated and informed. Amongst the classic ways to stay up to date (many of which I describe in how to find a run), there are a handful of running email newsletters that provide a great way to receive the latest news, tips, and inspiration from the running community. An added bonus to email newsletters is that they don’t come with the same distractions that are inevitable with social media platforms and their clever algorithms. If nothing else, the regular emails provide a nice nudge to get out on a run, register for an upcoming race or stick to a training plan. Here’s a curated list of top running newsletters to inspire you to uncover the best version of yourself as you lace up your sneakers and embrace the road ahead!

Run The Day


Frequency: Daily

Subscription: Free

How to join: Subscribe at The Rundown

Overview: Helping you get the mental edge to run the day - so the day doesn’t run you! Run The Day’s community newsletter provides a resource for runners looking to stay connected with the latest news, tips, race lineups and inspirational stories. Born in Philadelphia, the Run The Day community has expanded nationwide while maintaining the tight-knit passion and mentality that was instilled by the City of Brotherly Punches. The community-based newsletter features expert advice on training, nutrition and injury prevention, as well as helpful pieces of content like pace charts and training plans. Subscribers gain access to lineups of upcoming races, customized content and a community of over 70,000 like-minded runners that provide the inspiration and support to run the day… so that the day doesn’t run you!

The Half Marathoner


Frequency: 3x per week

Subscription: Free (Paid Subscription of $35 per year)

How to join: Subscribe at The Half Marathoner

Overview: Written by Terrell Johnson, creator of top ranking site on google (, the Half Marathoner is a run newsletter on substack. The newsletter takes after its name and focuses on half marathons, providing runners with insightful meditations on running, upcoming half marathon races and community threads. Curated by a Georgia-based runner and father, the newsletter offers a wealth of information that includes race preparation advice, nutrition guidance, and inspiring stories from the half marathon community. Additionally, subscribers can stay up-to-date with the latest half marathon race events and announcements. With over 40,000 subscribers, the half marathoner is a great way to connect with other runners and stay motivated throughout training.

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All Day Running Co.


Frequency: Multiple times per month

Subscription: $399 per year

How to join: Purchase at All Day Running Co. Membership

Overview: Founded by entrepreneur and misogi believer Jesse Itzler, All Day Running Co. was created to be a fun run community designed for runners who seek to strengthen willpower, clarity and grit in all aspects of his life. Jesse’s passion, love for running and fast-paced lifestyle has kicked off a community where members receive access to expert zoom sessions, member-only events and entry to a private online community where members can connect, share experiences, and support each other. The All Day Running Co. Membership is a running community focused on the love of running. It’s not about running 24 hours straight (although, Jesse invites you to be his guest!) - it’s about the commitment of saying yes to a challenge and finishing it.

Runner’s World


Frequency: Weekly

Subscription: $60 per year 

How to join: Purchase at Runner’s World

Overview: Runner's World’s weekly newsletter shares industry news, training plans and running tips to its readers. Subscribers receive access to over 400 streaming workouts and in-depth articles, podcasts and interactive tools designed to enhance the running experience. Examples of recent stories include articles about the best running shoes and science backed tips to accelerate weight loss. Members receive special offers on running gear and exclusive invitations to Runner's World events. The Runner's World newsletter is an informative resource for anyone interested in running at any point along the running journey.

Six Minute Mile


Frequency: 2x per week

Subscription: Free 

How to join: Subscribe at Six Minute Mile

Overview: Six Minute Mile provides runners and fitness enthusiasts with news, ideas, inspirational stories and special deals in under six minutes. The newsletter is a subsidiary of Gameface Photos and written by a team of athletes that like to sweat. In a recent email newsletter, they cover highlights from the Boston Marathon, including a feature on Eliud Kipchoge's performance, and a personal story from marathon blogger Dara Zall Kelly. The newsletter also offers information on plyometric exercises for speed, the benefits of ice baths, and tips for maintaining a healthy heart through diet. The Six Minute Mile also shares sponsored content on running socks, sleep tracking and other fitness wearables. The newsletter typically concludes with workout tips and inspirational video highlights.

The Morning Shakeout


Frequency: Weekly on Tuesday mornings

Subscription: Free (Paid option of $8 per month)

How to join: Subscribe at the Morning Shakeout

Overview: A weekly email newsletter on running and other engaging topics launched in November 2015 by athlete, coach and journalist, Mario Fraioli. Drawing from his experience, Fraioli offers a unique perspective on the running industry and shares insights on various issues. The newsletter features interviews with prominent figures in the sport, such as Shalane Flanagan and Michael Wardian and a podcast features guests like Scott Fauble and Des Linden. The newsletter and podcast are intentionally conversational in tone, delivering informed commentary and engaging content about running and other worthwhile topics.


In closing, the running newsletters listed above offer a range of options for news, tips and run communities. As someone who is constantly looking to elevate myself, I find email newsletters to be a helpful source to fuel my mindset. I also appreciate when they offer a new perspective and like that they don’t come with the distractions that are inherent with social media platforms. Thank you to the authors and content creators behind these newsletters! Keep up the good work!

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