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A lifelong lover of playing sports and being active, Ian launched eseo to make community sports easier to find and play through technology. Ian played DIII college basketball at Oberlin College and worked in the financial industry for 6 years before launching eseo. Ian lives in the center city neighborhood of Philadelphia with his fiancé and dog.

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Running Email Newsletters and Communities

April 20, 2023

Run Communities and Newsletters

Run Email Newsletters

what's going on with eseo?

March 21, 2023

an update from eseo's founder

an update on eseo

how to find runs

January 19, 2023

discovering races and run events

how to find runs

why running groups form

December 19, 2022

why do running groups form?

why running groups form

how's it going with eseo?

November 1, 2022

here’s what we’ve been up to

how it's going with eseo

30 running events in 30 days

July 25, 2022

my journey connecting with the Philadelphia running community through 30 runs in 30 days was a unique and rewarding experience.

30 runs in 30 days

why I’m launching eseo and why you should care

May 2, 2022

eseo is a mission-driven business focused on uniting athletes and strengthening communities. Why should you care? Read more to learn.

why i'm launching eseo

mission, vision & values

eseo is a mission-driven organization working to unite athletes and strengthen communities.

our mission, vision & values
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