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Announcement! We've partnered with Run The Day to help boost the Philadelphia running community.
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what's going on with eseo?

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Ian Campbell

an update from eseo's founder

What’s New?

eseo is shifting its focus from connecting athletes1 through a mobile app to streamlining registration for community races with technology. eseo’s mission of uniting athletes1 and strengthening communities remains the same.


We believe that empowering community leaders, like race directors, with innovative technology is the best way to drive the greatest positive impact. Being a community leader can be a thankless job so alleviating a few headaches and allowing leaders to focus on what they love will make everyone in the community better off.

How are we going to streamline registration for community races?

eseo partnered with Run The Day– a trusted brand that has helped community races with registration, fundraising, promotion and timing for over 20 years. eseo and Run The Day together provide community races with the best of both worlds – a trusted platform that has served thousands of races and a modern mobile technology built to serve communities in a post-COVID world. The modern technology will elevate the athlete’s1 experience by supplementing traditional payment methods with apple pay and other one-click mobile payments.

Why it Matters

Communities are at the core of what we crave as humans. Being active improves our mental, physical and emotional health. Empowering community races to be more common, attract more runners and provide an elevated experience is a good thing.

What it Means

- eseo’s platform will have new race discovery and registration capabilities that reduce the time and elevate the experience from couch to starting line

- email newsletters with running tips, running news and upcoming races will continue to be shared with our community under the Run The Day brand

- email newsletter highlighting group runs and other community activities will stop at the end of March

The Bottom Line

eseo isn’t going anywhere, it’s just getting started. Races are only the beginning of how eseo’s community and technology will unite athletes1 and strengthen communities.


Other questions you may be asking.


Why Running?

Running is the most accessible sport. It acts as a melting pot. Athletes of all sports run, while the converse isn’t naturally true. Athletes of all ages run. At a recent community race in Ambler, PA, a 93 year old man, Vance, and a 10 year old girl, Josette, crossed the finish line. Full results here. Whether it’s running or walking, putting one foot in front of the other for fitness is something that almost 200 million people do in the US every year (thanks SFIA!).

Why Community Races?

- Community races serve as a motivation for training helping drive people to be more active

- Community races bring people together at fun events

- Community races provide the opportunity for atheltes1 to push themselves farther than they believed possible

- Community races raise money for great causes

What do you mean by a community leader?

By community, we mean formal entities such as non-profits, schools and townships as well as informal entities like local run groups, collections of friends and many others. So a community leader is a leader role at any of these entities.

Run The Day sounds interesting. Can you share more?

Run The Day has helped thousands of communities to host races for 20 years with its 3-pillar approach:

1.      Promote community races through website listing and email newsletters

2.      Manage registration and fundraising for community races through a simple, user friendly platform

3.      Race Day Services that include chip timing, race management and other operational help


Thanks to Axios smart brevity for the disciplined outline.


 1)     If you can move, you’re an athlete!

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an update from eseo's founder