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why I’m launching eseo and why you should care

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Ian Campbell

eseo is a mission-driven business focused on uniting athletes and strengthening communities. Why should you care? Read more to learn.

After five years, Friday was my last day of work at a $5+ billion investment firm.

I’m leaving to launch eseo, a mission driven business focused on uniting athletes and strengthening communities, and if you can move you’re an athlete.

Here’s why:

Community sports unite people and improve health

Sports are uniquely powerful – they inspire, teach and unite people. These aren’t my words, although I whole heartedly believe them, they’re Nelson Mandela’s. You can read the whole quote here.

Mandela appreciated the impact sports have on communities and the power sport has to change the world. With sports, race, religion and political affiliation melt away. People’s identities and characteristics are transformed into the style in which they play – a beautiful stride, staunch defender and great scorer.

While global and professional events like the Olympics, world cup and a city’s professional sports teams tend to dominate the sport headlines, athletes connect and bond in uniquely powerful ways through community sports every day.  At a time when our country and world are divided on many key challenges, activities that generate comradery and focus attention on things people agree upon are important.  

Community sports not only unite us, they improve our mental and physical health. At a time when only 1 in 4 US adults are meeting physical activity guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities and mental health concerns are growing after two years of COVID restrictions, we could use more activities like community sports, that provide an enjoyable way to exercise and interact with others.

eseo + Run The Day

Technology can make it easier to connect with others and play community sports

Communication about community sports remains largely word of mouth driven and typically requires conversations to find the right people, group and location. The information about community sports exists in siloed and disparate locations, which often requires individual research.

Technology, which automates processes, eliminates barriers and simplifies tasks, has improved many industries including individual fitness where streaming classes, fitness apps and at home products have made individual workouts more accessible and general fitness maintenance easier for many. A more streamlined process for people to connect with others nearby and discover community athletic locations, groups and events would have a similar effect on community sports, making them easier and more accessible to find and play.

Since community sports often represent the preferred way to work out – people want to be active, play sports, interact with others and do something they are passionate about – making it easier to find and play community sports will increase the level of activity.

More community sports will positively impact the world

The world is facing challenges, including environmental sustainability amidst climate change, balancing growth and proper incentives with the growing wealth disparity and working towards a more equitable social justice future. All the while, we’ve been battling a global pandemic and are monitoring a military conflict in Ukraine.  

It would be naïve to offer community sports as a magical cure. Sports won’t solve the world’s problems, but they can unite us so that we are better equipped to face obstacles and tackle challenges. Improving health and strengthening unity through more accessible community sports will help to shape a better future.

The positive impact of community sports is not limited to individuals but reaches small businesses and community organizations, many of which have had a few trying years riddled with COVID shutdowns and restrictions. Eliminating barriers, expanding awareness and increasing accessibility to community sports will assist these organizations, helping local economies to grow.

eseo’s mission

eseo’s mission is to unite athletes and strengthen communities, and if you can move, you’re an athlete.

Beginning in Philadelphia, eseo is launching a mobile app to connect people with other like-minded runners, cyclists and athletes as well as discover nearby athletic groups and locations. The goal is to make enjoyable activities that create healthier individuals and united communities easier to do so that they happen more often.

Please join us.

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eseo is a mission-driven business focused on uniting athletes and strengthening communities. Why should you care? Read more to learn.