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how to find runs

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Ian Campbell

discovering races and run events

After learning that I completed thirty runs in thirty days, people often ask how I found the runs.

Put simply, I discovered the runs through research and conversations. 

My research wasn’t overly complicated, but it was imperfect and time-consuming. 

My conversations were enjoyable and effective, but also time-consuming. Admittedly, without my initial network pointing me in the right direction, the conversations would have been less enjoyable and more time consuming. 

To streamline the process for future athletes, eseo launched an email newsletter and mobile app that helps athletes get active with others in the community. I’d encourage you to check them out.

Since I didn’t have the luxury of eseo when beginning my self-created challenge, listed below are research methods that I used to discover the runs. In addition to speaking with others, leveraging eseo and typing “run race near me” in google, here are ideas for how to discover your next race!

Online Race Calendars and Booking Engines

Run The Day

Run The Day has maintained an online race directory for over 20 years. Based in Philadelphia, Run The Day offers a database with thousands of nationwide race listings.

Let’s Do This

If Expedia and ClassPass had a baby obsessed with marathons, it’d be Let’s Do This. A booking engine for running and other endurance events based in the UK, Let’s Do This operates a global platform to help you find, book and share your next momentous experience. 

Running in the USA

Run by a husband and wife team in Wisconsin, the self-proclaimed largest online directory of races and clubs includes links to running and multisport races and clubs that have reasonable online proof. It’s a comprehensive site with banner ads. 


The self-proclaimed world’s most complete list of races is a bit less comprehensive than Running in the USA. The site includes banner ads. 

Run Guides

On a simple mission to help Runners do what they love to do best (run!) by providing a directory of running events, clubs, and races in cities across North America. The site includes targeted banner ads.


State-specific half marathon race calendars. For our friends in Philly, CEO Michael Mazzara recently shared his thoughts on the best Philadelphia Half Marathons. The site Includes banner ads. 

Pretzel City Sports

An online race calendar focused on mid-Atlantic states and run by the Lehigh Valley-based race timing and running event service company Pretzel City Sports.  

Note: race registration software platforms like Run The Day, RunSignUp, RaceRoster and ACTIVE typically have “find an event” pages that include upcoming events powered by the platform. 

Local Running Stores

Run specialty stores provide a great place to find nearby runs and pick up a new pair of shoes. Run stores often keep a list of nearby run groups and local upcoming races. 

In Philadelphia, we’re lucky to have Philadelphia Runner with 5 brick and mortar stores as well as an online calendar of events. Other run specialty stores in the greater Philadelphia area include Haddonfield Running Co., Jenkintown Running Co., Road Runner Sports, The Running Place, Valley Forge Running Co., Bryn Mawr Run Co. and Born to Run

eseo + Run The Day

Local Run Groups

Run groups not only provide opportunities to regularly run with others in the community, but also typically share information about upcoming local races and participate in races as a group. 

A few examples in Philadelphia:

Liberty Track Club lists their team’s upcoming schedule and places to run in Philadelphia

Fairmount run club is collectively participating in the upcoming Ambler Area Frostbite 5-miler

Philly Runners has been sharing local running resources since 2002 

All Philadelphia run groups come together for a day of races and festivities at Mayor’s Cup every summer.

Run groups share updates on websites, Facebook pages, Instagram, email threads and messaging apps like whatsapp and heylo.

Read my thoughts on why run groups form!

Social Media

Organically discover nearby running events through entertaining and addictive social channels. 

Big races, like the Philadelphia Marathon and Independence Broad Street Run, maintain their own Instagram and twitter accounts populated with updates on race registration and more. 

Social profiles of run clubs, non-profit foundations and local municipalities also publicize races in which they’re involved. 

The run community has many great influencers who offer tips on training, gear, nutrition, upcoming events and more. A few good accounts to follow are:

@runtothefinish (Instagram)

@goruntheday (tik tok)

@cainleathers (Instagram)

Township Websites

Many 5k races are hosted or supported by the local township so the website is a good resource (in some situations the township’s website isn’t updated frequently so their Facebook page or other social media accounts are a better resource). In large cities, the parks and recreation department webpage is a helpful resource.


There’s no single answer for how to find a run. While the eseo mobile app aggregates Philadelphia’s runs in a central map so that you can easily discover runs and register for races, it is not important how you find the run as long as you are running in your community!

Thanks for reading.

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discovering races and run events