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how's it going with eseo?

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Ian Campbell

here’s what we’ve been up to

Ian Campbell
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Ian Campbell

How's it going with eseo? I get asked this quite a bit and appreciate everyone’s interest.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

We’ve been focused on our mission of uniting athletes and strengthening communities.

We’ve been having conversations.

We’ve been listening.

We’ve been asked about the pronunciation of our name (it’s like the three letters “E-Z-O”).

We’ve been building relationships.

We’ve been taking action.

We’ve been making mistakes.

We’ve been learning from our mistakes.

We’ve been focusing 99% of our efforts in Philadelphia.

We’ve been going to races, playing basketball and taking pickleball lessons.

We’ve been focused on building a valuable product and a sustainable brand.

We launched version 1 of the eseo mobile app, which didn’t serve users in the way that we intended.

We redesigned and launched version 2 of the eseo mobile app to better serve the Philadelphia community.

We’ve continued improving the eseo mobile app.

We’ve been ignored, yelled at and rejected.

We’ve been welcomed, complemented and supported.

We’ve heard feedback suggesting that nobody needs eseo.

We’ve heard feedback suggesting that eseo will be a billion-dollar business.

We’ve been encouraged to shut down immediately.

We’ve been encouraged to never quit.

We’ve been energized by exciting initiatives on the horizon for the rest of 2022, 2023 and beyond.

We’ve been working hard.

We’ve been having fun.

We’ve been uniting athletes and strengthening communities.

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here’s what we’ve been up to