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how to start a running club in philadelphia

whether you’re a leisurely runner or a serious athlete, starting a running club is a great way to inspire local runners. here are some tips to start a running club in philadelphia!

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Running clubs are a great way to get involved in the running community—especially in Philadelphia! The great thing about these groups is they allow every runner to be as social or as solo as they want, while still offering a fun, accountable way to stick to a running routine. 

Interested in creating a club of your own? Here are a few things you need in order to start a great running club.

Start With Runners You Know

If you’re someone who wants to start a running club, chances are you already have some experience hitting the pavement. Before you officially start a new group, invite your runner friends to join. Some of the biggest run clubs in Philly started with a few friends who wanted to expand their social runs. 

It’s okay to keep things casual at first. Share your ideas for an organized public group, and ask questions about what types of events people would like to attend. 

Establish a Purpose

Every sports club needs a purpose. There are niche groups that run for all types of reasons: pizza, drinks, outdoor sightseeing, or the buzz of the city at night. Some function purely by neighborhood; others exist as running tours through all the historical spots.

Know what you want the purpose of the club to be. Ask yourself:

  • What fitness level is the club geared toward? Is it advanced or is it open to all levels?
  • Are there any causes or shared experiences you want to focus on?
  • Is there a specific demographic you’ll cater to?
  • What’s the focus of the group (for example marathon training, weight loss, or just for fun)?
  • Where will the runs be? Parks, neighborhoods, city sidewalks, in the forest?

Knowing the purpose of the running group equips you to start promoting it. When just starting out, it’s okay to be flexible about what the group may become. It’ll likely evolve over time.

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Have an Organizer

There needs to be a group organizer. This is the person who communicates with local runners about upcoming runs, answers newcomers’ questions, and promotes runner safety throughout the group. 

If you can’t do it alone, ask for help from other runners you know.

Create a Schedule

Set up a schedule for your running group. And make sure to be realistic about it— schedule runs when people actually want to run. This is why social inquiry is so important at the beginning! 

Understand the wants and needs of the group, and determine an ongoing time to meet up. To accommodate more runners, consider having two runs per week: one early morning weekday run and another late morning weekend run, or whatever works best for the club.

Consider Club Branding 

Your runners will want a place to keep track of group updates (more on this below!). But first, consider some basic branding for your club:

  • A club name
  • A tagline that expresses the purpose of the club (optional)
  • A logo for your runners can identify the club
  • Some general guidelines, rules, and principles to guide the group

These details might change over time, but it helps to have an idea going into organizing everything. Next up: get social!

Set Up Online Profiles

A lot of runner’s groups today operate on social media and event websites like Facebook,, and Instagram. Many people already visit these virtual spaces daily. Giving locals a way to follow group events on social media encourages regular attendance and attracts new members. So set up a page and start posting.

Promote Your Running Club Locally

You can also promote your running club in person:

  • Encourage friends and acquaintances to spread a word-of-mouth invite
  • Share flyers at local gyms, training centers, parks
  • Tell similar clubs about a new opportunity to join a group run

Even during promotion, remember it’s okay if your group starts out small. Appreciate every runner that shows up, and don’t compare your group to others in the area. Most importantly, keep showing up.

Be Consistent 

Consistency and accountability are key for a solid running group! Make sure you stay consistent. 

Stick to a schedule that people can attend. Communicate regularly with new people and challenging group members. Be a good example, make the most of every run, and stick with the overall plan.

Let People Step Up to Help

As your running club grows, it’s important to allow others to offer their service.

Need help organizing events through the next season? Ask for help. Want to enter the group in an upcoming relay race? Ask for volunteers to sign up and train. Feel a need for a second or third group organizer? Ask someone who shows great leadership skills in the group. 

Don’t try to do everything by yourself. Otherwise, you may burn out or lose interest in what inspired you to start a running club in the first place.

Get Involved With the Community

Leading a runners group is a great opportunity to connect with others in the community. Whether it be athletic groups, trainers, local causes, or other social groups, taking your club’s reach to the next level is fun and rewarding.

Some Philly runners clubs organize monthly beer runs. Others schedule fundraisers every year for a specific non-profit. Some open up their runs to families with young children; others bond over a shared love of fish n’ chips. There’s no right or wrong way to make your club more social. But making better connections ultimately has a huge impact.

Need inspiration? Read more about running clubs from these VIRs (very important runners)!

Find Run Buddies in Philadelphia

To kickstart your run club, publish your details on the eseo sports app. It’s a great way to connect with local athletes and help people find you online. 

eseo (every sport for everyone) has a lot of runners in the community already, so we’d be happy to help you spread the word!

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whether you’re a leisurely runner or a serious athlete, starting a running club is a great way to inspire local runners. here are some tips to start a running club in philadelphia!