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indoor basketball courts in philly

indoor basketball courts in philadelphia

Here’s your chance to embrace your basketball obsession if you’re in the Philly area! We’re exploring some of the most well-known indoor basketball courts in the area. Join Philadelphia's basketball community to find more local basketball courts and events to come.

Basketball is a favorite spring and summer sport. Thankfully, it can be played year-round by all who have access to an indoor hoop. There are plenty of indoor basketball courts in Philadelphia to sustain your passion for basketball—rain, snow, or shine. 

Want to locate the best indoor courts in Philly? Whether you want to play in leagues, enjoy some pickup games, or shoot around for a game of HORSE, this is for you! Keep reading to locate your next indoor game.

Indoor Basketball Courts in Philadelphia

Ready to practice your drills and get in the game? Here are some of the popular indoor courts for basketball lovers in Philly.

Phield House Indoor Sports

Phield House is a popular indoor sports facility that features basketball, baseball, badminton, and more. They allow private court bookings so you, your friends, or your teams can claim a time on the court for play.

Check the Phield House schedule on their website to book the time slots available. Members get special discounts and they also welcome birthday parties and other special events!

City Athletics

City Athletics is a Philly-owned and operated sports rental facility that focuses on basketball, volleyball, and fitness. Their basketball courts are indoors, which you can rent for tournaments, clinics, events, and more.

Whether you coach a youth basketball team or want to host an adult league in your community, City Athletics is a great place! The more the merrier so you can split the booking fees which can cost up to $50 per hour.

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Cobbs Creek Recreation Center

If you’re looking for basketball courts in West Philly, Cobbs Creek Recreation Center has indoor basketball courts in addition to boxing areas and a pool. CCRC is a great place to find pickup games or reserve a time on the court for practices, scrimmages, or tournaments. 

Drexel Recreation Center

With a 13,000-square-foot Maplewood gym, the Drexel Recreation Center is a great spot for indoor basketball. To gain access, you need to become a member first, which is totally worth it.

Philadelphia Salvation Army Kroc Center

The Kroc Center in Philly has an indoor basketball court for kids and adults who wish to enjoy some recreation while supporting a good cause. Become a member first or obtain a daily guest pass (weekdays only) to enjoy their hardwood court!

Lloyd Hall Recreation Center

Lloyd Hall is a parks and recreation center in Philly that offers indoor and outdoor sports equipment. Their indoor basketball courts are known for public pickup games, youth tournaments, and more.

Want to get access to the Lloyd Hall indoor courts? Show up on a slow weekday to give it a try or call ahead to learn about availability. 

Murphy Recreation Center

The Murphy Rec Center has an indoor court for kid's leagues, pickup games, clinics, and more. There are plenty of windows for natural light, so call ahead to grab a spot and enjoy.

Rivera Recreation Center

Rivera Recreation Center, also known as the Ramonita Negron Rivera Recreation and Community Center, has an indoor gym equipped for basketball players of all ages. 

More Philadelphia Parks and Rec Centers

There are plenty of other parks and rec centers in the Philly area, ready for indoor basketball play. Search the Philly Parks & Rec site for local indoor basketball locations and upcoming events you might be interested in. 

Northeast Racquet Club

The Northeast Racquet Club offers full-court indoor basketball for pickup games to its members. Open Gym is available on weekdays for basketball, plus kids clubs and open gyms on the weekend. Call ahead to check with scheduled times and book a spot!

Elite Sports Factory

The Elite Sports Factory in Philadelphia has two high-quality hardwood courts for training, practices, and teams. You can pay to rent a court—and it’s well worth it! Visit their site to see booking times and upcoming events.


KleinLife is a community center that supports kids, families, and seniors with social events, Jewish heritage events, and athletic opportunities. They allow space rentals for programs and events and have an indoor basketball court available as well. Call or visit them online to ask about basketball court pickup games and rentals. 

Northern Liberties Rec Center

Northern Liberties is a recreation center that holds summer camps, pool activities, and youth basketball leagues. Their indoor basketball court is ideal for kids, as it’s smaller. Call them to inquire about basketball court rentals or youth basketball sign-ups.

Find Indoor Basketball in Philadelphia

Whether you’re new to the area or looking for a new spot to practice your basketball skills, Philadelphia has no shortage of indoor options for the wintertime. Give some of these options a try!

To stay up to date with all the local basketball options in Philly, join Philadelphia's basketball community. You can stay up to date on new courts, events, sports leagues, local games, and athletic clubs to join as they open!

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indoor basketball courts in philadelphia