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5 Benefits of Running with a Hat

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Cain Leathers

5 Benefits of Running with a Hat as Seen in Cain's Weekly Rundown on 2/20/2023

Cain Leathers
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Cain Leathers

1. Keeps your hair out of the way

This is typically the main reason that runners wear a hat. Whether your hair is short, or long even to braid or put into a ponytail, it’s bound to get in the way when you run. A hat holds your hair in place, and away from your face. This is a simple step to add to your “get ready” list when you’re about to head out for a run.

2. Keeps Sweat Out of Your Eyes

Pain from sweat falling into your eyes can be more than just an annoyance on a run, it can be uncomfortable and often painful. Remember, you sweat in the colder months just like you do in the summertime! Short runs, long runs, fast or slow, if you’re sweating (which everyone does) then chances are you’ve felt this pain. Wearing a hat will help to collect the sweat and prevent it from falling onto your face. Make sure to pick out a moisture-wicking hat made of primarily polyester, or other non-cotton composites. This will ensure it doesn’t store the sweat throughout the run and become overly heavy, and instead quickly dries during your activity.

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3. Keeps You Cool

Running-specific hats are designed to allow for maximum breathability and airflow, keeping you cool on your run. You’ve probably guessed that you want to avoid your standard baseball cap, or any hat with a thick fabric. Running hats are not only made of moisture-wicking materials allowing your sweat to evaporate, but often have a soft elastic band that goes around your head, and small holes to prevent your head from overheating, keeping you cool. Wearing a standard cap won’t allow the body heat you create when running to escape, and it’ll stay right on the top of your head, which you will definitely feel during your run.

4. Makes You More Aerodynamic

Just as wearing a hat will keep your hair from getting in your face, and becoming a nuisance, it also means your hair has less chance of creating unnecessary drag and getting pulled by the wind. Which would, in turn, make you more aerodynamic. This is the same logic that leads many runners to shave their body hair.

5. Protects you from the Elements

Wearing a hat on your runs is an effective way of keeping the elements from interfering. When you’re running in the rain, the brim stops the raindrops from getting in your face. When you run on those bright, sunny days, the hat keeps the sun out of your eyes and off your head. Many newer running hats have shorter brims for an appealing look and decrease in weight, but these often don’t shield as much from your face. Wearing a hat with a traditional-sized brim, especially a hat with UV protection, will add to your safety measures.

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5 Benefits of Running with a Hat as Seen in Cain's Weekly Rundown on 2/20/2023