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5 Tips for what NOT to do on Race Day

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Cain Leathers

5 Tips for what NOT to do on Race Day as seen in Cain's Weekly Rundown on 1/9/2023

1. Eat Too Close to the Start of the Race

 When eating breakfast on race day, allow two full hours between your meal and the start of the race for proper digestion. Eating too close to the start of the race may end up giving you cramps or nausea. Remember to stick with easily digestible, carbohydrate-rich foods like toast, bagels, oatmeal, or granola.


2. Hydrate Too Close to the Start of the Race

 As you know, hydrating is very important! But ensuring you are not overhydrating is just as important. A tip to stay hydrated on race day, is to drink small amounts of water regularly on the days leading up to the race, as well as the morning of the race. Avoid consuming large amounts of water at one time and limit your water intake the final 30 minutes before the race to prevent yourself from needing to use the bathroom. Also, avoid consuming drinks that contain lots of sugar, as they will cause your energy to dip in what Is essentially a “crash” following that initial boost.

3. Forget to Use the Bathroom

There are many nerves on race day, which can cause a lot of tossing and turning of the stomach. It’s important to head over to that sea of porta potties, even if you don’t necessarily feel you need to go in the moment. You always want to avoid having to stop for a bathroom break during the race, although it does happen sometimes! But forcing yourself to use the bathroom prior to the start of the race can be the best preventative tactic.

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4. Not Warm Up Before Your Run

 Before your race, do exercises like lunges, arm swings, leg swings, ankle bounces and some gentle jogging to warm up your body. Doing a dynamic warmup using some of these exercises will help to improve your run because a dynamic warm-up reduces muscle friction and can help with your overall speed during the race.

5. Wear New Gear on Race Day

It’s probably not a good idea to lace up your running shoes for the very first time right before heading to the 5k start line. Instead, it’s optimal to test your shoes for a run or two on the road and wear them in just slightly so that they are comfortable enough for the full distance on race day without any major issues arising.


The same goes for running with other gear including shorts, running socks, or even a new sports bra. There’s nothing worse than getting half-way through a race and finding that the shorts chafe, your new socks are causing blisters, or your new bra isn’t providing the support you need.

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5 Tips for what NOT to do on Race Day as seen in Cain's Weekly Rundown on 1/9/2023