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Tips for Holiday Shopping for Runners

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Cain Leathers

Tips for Holiday Shopping for Runners as seen in Cain's Weekly Rundown on 12/5/2022

Cain Leathers
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Cain Leathers

1. Shoes aren’t always the best “fit”

The first idea that comes to the mind of many is to purchase shoes as a gift. However, everyone’s feet are very different, everyone defines comfort in different ways, and every brand and model of shoe fits and feels completely different. Unless you know for certain that the receiver of the gift always wears a Brooks Ghost size 10, your runner may end up in a shoe they may not find entirely comfortable. An easy alternative is to present a gift card to them, for the amount to cover the purchase of a new pair of shoes. This allows them to select the shoes of their liking, and if you’ve ever been to a running store, you know there are a TON of shoes to choose from. In most stores, they are even able to try the shoes on and go for a quick jog!


2. Accessories are an easy go-to

Gloves, hats, you name it! Accessories that are often “one size fits all” are a tried-and-true way to go when it comes to gift-buying, and the winter accessories are a clear necessity for staying warm while conquering the distance. Does the person you’re buying for run early in the morning, or late at night? Pick up some reflective or light-up gear to help with their visibility! Do they have a lot of long runs in their training? Perhaps some hydration tools or on-the-go storage solutions could be helpful to them!

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3. Recovery tools for the win.

 Running is so much more than just running. One of the most important parts of training, which is often overlooked, comes after the run is done. The recovery. Foam rollers, massage guns, stretching bands, even a yoga mat to utilize the recovery tools, are all excellent ideas to gift any runner. Maybe bring up in a normal conversation if they have any pain or fatigue in their running, and that can help you choose the best recovery tools!


Need more tips and tricks on how to shop for that runner in your life? Visit your local running shop. The staff are always very knowledgeable and willing to help with whatever questions you may have!

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Tips for Holiday Shopping for Runners as seen in Cain's Weekly Rundown on 12/5/2022