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5 reasons to sign up for a holiday race

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Cain Leathers

5 reasons to sign up for a holiday race

Cain Leathers
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Cain Leathers

Whether it’s St. Paddy’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas, you will usually find me running numerous holiday races every year. I love a great holiday race! Why do so many people sign up for holiday races?

1. They allow you to destress

Holidays can be stressful, with finances, party planning, and gathering friends and family together. Having an excuse to get out of the house first thing in the morning can help relieve some of your built-up stress.

2.   They get you moving

We all know, the holidays are filled with lots of extra food and drink opportunity. Getting out and getting moving early in the day ensures that you will get your workout in before the day ahead. This can also help to boost your metabolism!

3. The holiday race setting is more relaxed than your typical 5k

Holiday themed races tend to be more relaxed and more for fun. They can be opportunities to just run with people around you that are all just excited to celebrate the holiday, without the pressure of a time goal. Many more casual runners & walkers tend to sign up for them.

4. They are fun for the entire family

Holiday races are a great way to get the whole family involved in exercising and running. It’s a wonderful bonding experience, and a new way to build lasting memories! I know of many families that do holiday races every year together, as a tradition. With the more relaxed race environment and less stakes being involved; family members may be more willing to tag along in the fun.

5. Some races are tied to charitable efforts

Many holiday races have a charity that is tied to them or involve bringing a donated food item or toy. What a great way to help those who are less fortunate and give back to the community.

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5 reasons to sign up for a holiday race