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5 Safety Tips for Running in the Dark

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Cain Leathers

5 Safety Tips for Running in the Dark as seen in Cain's Weekly Rundown on 1/23/2023

Cain Leathers
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Cain Leathers

With busy schedules and limited hours of sunlight in the winter, you may find yourself running more in the darkness, either morning or night. While many people would prefer to run while the sun is still shining, this isn’t always feasible for everyone based on work schedules and daily commitments.


Running in the dark can be just as fun and enjoyable as running during the daytime! But it’s important to stay alert and follow these safety tips:


1 – Keep the volume low

 While listening to music is a great way to stay motivated, it can be an easy distraction while running at night and decrease your alertness. Keep the volume on a low setting or opt for not running with headphones at all during the darkness. This way, you maintain a higher level of awareness of traffic, bicyclists, dogs and other people.


2 – Increase your visibility

 It’s very common for darker colors to be in one’s comfort zone when choosing which running clothing to purchase or wear. At nighttime, however, you want to light-colored clothing, or clothing with high-visibility (hi-viz) properties. Just like it is important to be aware of your surroundings, it’s important for others to be able to see you as well. Luckily, many running shops and brands have hi-viz options for you to choose from. There are accessories that help visibility, like bracelets or reflective tape that you can easily attach to your outfit. You can also add a light component to your outfit, which would increase your safety tremendously. This can be in the form of a headlamp, small lights that attach to your shoes or waistband, or even light-up vests. 


3 - Run with others

 There is safety in numbers, and this is especially true when running during off-peak times. Find a friend or a loved one to run with you, or download the eseo app to find other runners in your area and make a new running friend to join you in your dark-running adventures. Check out local running groups, and you may find others looking for early morning or nighttime running partners too! To find running groups in your area, the easiest way is to head to your local running shop and ask for recommendations.

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4 – Let someone know when you start your run

 It's always a good idea to tell someone where you’re going. Whether it’s a quick text to a friend or telling someone at home, ask them to call you if they don’t hear from you after your expected time home. An extra step in this safety measure is to share the location on your phone with others and let them know your general route and expected time home. Having your phone with you on your run not only lets others see your location if anything harmful were to happen to you, but you can also call them if you need any immediate assistance. It’s very easy to carry your phone while running with moisture-wicking phone belts or arm holders.


5 – Switch up your route

Predictability in your route makes you more susceptible to danger. Switching up your route, and even the time of day that you run, can make you less of a target and keep you more aware of your surroundings. It’s important for you to be able to see your surroundings too. Stick to well-lit routes to reduce your risk of tripping and allow others passing by to see you in the event that something dangerous occurs.

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5 Safety Tips for Running in the Dark as seen in Cain's Weekly Rundown on 1/23/2023