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7 reasons not to run a marathon

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Cain Leathers

to run or not to run a marathon?

Cain Leathers
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Cain Leathers

“Should I run a marathon?”

Is a good question to ask before jumping into training. In some cases, the answer is no. You really shouldn’t make that goal RIGHT now. Just because you may be physically capable of beginning your training, doesn’t mean you always should. I’m not telling you that running a marathon is bad for your body.

There are many reasons why people run marathons. Among some of the most common are:

  • It makes our bodies healthier
  • Pride in the achievement
  • Learning that we can do more than we believe
  • Experiencing new places
  • Connecting with other runners
  • Challenging ourselves in new ways
  • Because we really do love the run
  • Less than 1% of the population has done one, so it’s an elite crowd
  • It makes us better employees (google it!)

7 Reasons You Should Not Run A Marathon

1. You want to prove you’re a “Runner”

Don’t run a marathon because you think that’s a requirement to be a runner. If you run, you are in fact a runner. A real runner isn’t about pace or distance, it’s a mindset.

2. You aren’t excited by the thought of running a marathon

Don’t run a marathon if you don’t want to! It’s a lot of work if you don’t already enjoy running a 1/2 marathon. Trust me once you’re out there, it doesn’t feel like simply twice as long, it feels longer. You need to truly want this to commit to the training time and enjoy the experience.

3. Your current schedule is packed

Don’t run a marathon if you’re already over committed in other areas of your life. It takes time to do it and not get injured. Not getting injured requires doing more than just running! Busy people train for marathons all the time, so it’s not impossible, but really look at your life and be honest about how much time you can and want to give to it right now.

4. Your primary goal is weight loss

Don’t run a marathon to lose weight.

The unfortunate truth is that most first time marathon trainees gain weight because the body wants more calories due to increased activity and you justify those delicious extra snacks throughout the day based on your new mileage.

5. You want your current social life to stay exactly the same.

Don’t run a marathon if your social life is KEY to your happiness and not a single one of your friends runs. It becomes harder as the miles grow to go out for late night fun when your Saturday is going to start at 5AM! Additionally, you are going to TALK about running non-stop and need people who won’t throttle you for it. You can also resolve this by joining a local running group and making a new friend or two that have similar goals!

6. You currently have serious health issues you’re trying to overcome

Don’t run a marathon if you’re having health issues…it won’t make them better. Marathon training can weaken your immune system without the right plan, coach, and nutrition. While it could help you lose weight and strengthen your heart, if you have adrenal fatigue or other major issues this just isn’t the time.

7. You honestly don’t care for running

Don’t run a marathon if you don’t enjoy running!  Fall in love with running first because you’re going to be spending way more time than you know doing it, thinking about it and talking about it.

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to run or not to run a marathon?