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how to find a personal trainer in philly

tips for finding a personal trainer

For many people, community is a huge part of personal fitness. No matter how athletic you are right now or what your goals might be, find your community on the eseo sports app

Personal trainers help individuals achieve fitness goals by instructing, motivating, and guiding them through different exercise routines and lifestyle habits. It’s never too late (or early) to start training, especially if you want to get more involved in athletics.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the personal training job market is expected to grow by 19% in the next decade. So if you’re thinking about hiring a personal trainer, the good news is: there’s no shortage of options. The real question is, though, how do you find the right one?

Whether you’re looking to train in a competitive sport or you want to gain muscle strength for the first time, a personal trainer can help you experience profound transformations. Here are some tips on how to find a personal trainer in Philadelphia.

Know Your Fitness Goals

First, get clear on what your fitness goals are. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Do you want to lose weight or gain weight? If so, what is your healthy target?
  • Are you looking to increase speed, stamina, or performance in a particular sport?
  • If you’re an aspiring bodybuilder, what competitions do you want to compete in next year?
  • What long-term health goals are you working toward? This could mean being able to lift your grandchildren as they grow, play soccer with your kids, or enjoy some tennis with your friends from school without feeling out of shape.

Having a specific goal will help you 1) find a trainer who can help you on your journey, and 2) hold you accountable for consistent improvements. That way, once you find a trainer, the two of you can work together for ultimate success.

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Join Local Fitness Groups

Many people find personal trainers through local fitness groups and athletic programs. Consider joining a gym, attending your favorite sports meetups, or entering a competitive league for fun. 

The athletic community is full of ambitious and knowledgeable trainers. The more you’re involved in a health community, the more people you’ll meet—and the more people you know, the greater your chances of connecting with an excellent trainer.

Plus, sometimes joining a fitness community helps you realize your preferences. You might not even need to go as far as hiring a trainer right now. If you have some knowledge of fitness already and health maintenance is your goal, you might really be looking for:

  • Team accountability
  • A few gym buddies
  • Going on runs with running clubs
  • New fitness classes you enjoy

If you do think a trainer is a good step toward your fitness goals, here are some ways to decide on the right one. 

Talk to Several Personal Trainers

Before deciding on any available trainer, have a conversation with a few different ones. Every trainer has a different method of training, as well as their own schedule and price point. 

You can always ask the people at the front desk of a gym if any personal trainers specialize in the goal you’re aiming for. Since they’re surrounded by trainers every day, they can give you suggestions.

You can talk to different trainers at:

  • Local gyms and fitness centers
  • Sports facilities 
  • Weight loss centers
  • Physical therapy clinics
  • Wellness centers 

When talking with potential trainers, ask them any questions you might have. Do they have experience with your particular goal? Can they help you work on your fitness mindset as well as habits? Are they more strict and intense (if that’s what you need) or do they keep things lighthearted and fun? Think of this step as a mini interview to find the right fit.

Find an Online Personal Trainer

There are online training options today that can support people with highly individualized goals. Need a trainer for aerial gymnastics but can’t find one in Philly? Want a family trainer that specializes in pickleball? Online training can get pretty “niche,” whereas in-person sometimes cannot.

Alternatively, maybe an in-person gym membership is not affordable at this time. Or perhaps you aren’t comfortable using heavy equipment until you get familiar with the basics of proper form.

Today, there are lots of opportunities to get fit and explore your fitness preferences virtually. Some online personal trainers can train you over Zoom, help you establish goals through phone calls, and hold you accountable as you work out on your own. WowFit provides online personal training and you can book a free trial.

Find Athletic Trainers and Sports Trainers in Philly

Looking for a trainer to meet up with in Philadelphia? You’re in the right place. At eseo (every sport for everyone), we connect athletes with other fitness leaders in the community. Our goal? Help everyone reach new levels of physical and social development. 

With the eseo app, you can:

  • Locate sport communities near you
  • Connect with fellow athletes
  • Find a personal trainer
  • Join a sports club
  • Arrange a new sports league 

We believe athletes can achieve their true potential when they get access to support and available training. If you can move, you’re an athlete— so join eseo today and go reach your goals!

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tips for finding a personal trainer