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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a popular summertime activity in beach and lake areas. In recent years, SUP yoga— also called paddleboard yoga— has grown in popularity among both yoga and paddleboard enthusiasts. 

Balancing a paddleboard on the water adds an extra balance challenge to yoga practitioners, which is part of the reason it’s so well-loved by fitness junkies around the world. But what are paddleboard yoga lovers supposed to do during the cold winter months? 

Fortunately, indoor paddleboard yoga is officially a thing of the present. Here’s where to find some indoor paddleboard yoga classes in Philadelphia!

What is Indoor Paddleboard Yoga?

Indoor paddleboard yoga is when yoga classes incorporate real paddleboards to achieve SUP-specific yoga training. Equipped with boards for each student, these classes are often held in one of two places:

  1. In an indoor pool 
  2. In a regular yoga studio, using paddle boards instead of yoga mats

The idea is that because SUP boards require careful balance and agility, indoor training offers steady and gradual conditioning to improve the experience once you go out onto the water. 

Overall, there are major benefits to paddleboard yoga! These include:

  • A challenging, full-body workout
  • Increased focus
  • Meaningful connections among water lovers and yoga lovers
  • There are many places to practice SUP yoga: lakes, ponds, pools, harbors, and marshes, to name a few
  • Healthy outdoor activity for the whole family 
  • More focus on arm strength due to balancing on water

Even though many paddleboard yoga fans are simultaneously fond of the water, you don’t have to be a water person to enjoy it. The only time you really get wet during paddleboard yoga is if you fall in!

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Indoor Paddleboard Yoga Classes in Philadelphia

Wondering where to start (or keep taking) indoor SUP yoga classes indoors before it gets warmer again? Here are a few places to check out!

Aqua Vida

One of the best places to try indoor paddleboard yoga in Philly is Aqua Vida. Because they offer multiple floating fitness classes including regular outdoor SUP yoga, their indoor yoga series aims to train all the right parts of paddleboard yoga in a comfortable and safe indoor pool.

What classes should you take from Aqua Vida? There are several options.

  • AquaFIT™ is the studio’s HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout program held in their high-ceiling indoor pool facility. Wear gym clothes or yoga pants, as you’ll be on the board the whole time— no water immersion is necessary.
  • AquaSCULPT™ is kind of like mat pilates but on the water. This workout sculpts the body, core, and arms, advancing your strength and flexibility at the same time with the added challenge of stabilizing yourself on the water.
  • AquaFLOW™ is an outdoor floating yoga and meditation class that will improve not only the strength of your body but also your mind. 

Make sure you check out Aqua Vida’s other indoor and outdoor paddleboard offerings, such as group events, kids’ classes, and even tours around Philadelphia. Reach out to them if you’re interested in learning more about all things indoor paddleboard yoga.

MMY Paddleboards and Yoga

Miss Melanie Yoga (MMY Paddleboards) offers paddleboard yoga, rentals, and classes to the Western New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania regions. Starting in January 2022, she’ll be offering more indoor SUP yoga classes at local YMCAs in the area. Follow her on Instagram for more information and regular class updates.

Where to Practice SUP Yoga Near Philly

After you practice your SUP yoga indoors, here are some popular places to try real paddleboard yoga sessions out in the wild!

Phoenixville SUP

Based in the Schuylkill River and Canal, Phoenixville SUP offers paddleboard yoga classes and tours during spring and summer. 

As of winter 2022, they’re looking to partner with local yoga studios and instructors in order to offer more SUP yoga classes at discounted rates. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, contact them to help offer more outdoor and indoor paddleboard yoga classes throughout Philly!

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Occasionally, there are pop-up paddleboard yoga classes on the water near Spruce Street Harbor Park. They offer family-friendly and affordable events throughout the year, so keep an eye out for SUP yoga classes, especially in the spring and summer.

Connect With Philadelphia’s Paddleboard Yoga Community

If you love SUP yoga either indoors or out in the sunshine, Philly has a growing paddleboard community waiting to welcome you. Connect with other fitness enthusiasts of your sport of choice on the Philadelphia-based sports app, eseo (every sport for every one).

Download the eseo app today to start connecting with other paddleboard yoga opportunities in the area!

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