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many people know they want to play a sport but have no idea what sport would best suit them

Many people find themselves in an interesting position: knowing they want to play a sport but having no idea what sport would best suit them. The truth of the matter is that, like most things in life, trial and error plays a big role in determining compatibility. However, just like some people know they wouldn’t enjoy a rollercoaster, many people have an inkling of sports that would and wouldn’t work for them. 

If you don’t have a lot of extra time and resources to commit to trying out multiple sports, the process of finding the perfect sport for you may seem daunting. Don’t fret — eseo can help. eseo is your source for community sports, whether you’re a fan, coach or prospective player. Not only do we know where to play every sport imaginable in your city, but we also know what makes a sport enjoyable and challenging. Keep reading to help determine which sport you should play. 

How Competitive Are You?

In the same way that Monopoly is more competitive than Candy Land, some sports are just inherently more fierce. How competitive are you? Do you play games to win? Here are some sports suggestions for noncompetitive, moderately competitive and highly competitive players: 

  • Sports for noncompetitive players: archery, rock climbing, parkour, cycling
  • Sports for moderately competitive players: swimming, tennis, gymnastics, baseball
  • Sports for highly competitive players: basketball, football, hockey, wrestling

When assessing your competitiveness, it’s important to remember: there’s no right or wrong answer, no category that’s better. It’s all about finding a sport that fits with you

What Kind of Activities Do You Like?

If you’re trying to figure out what sport you might enjoy playing, it can be helpful to look at other types of activities you enjoy. If you’d prefer to spend your Saturday afternoon gardening or strolling in the park rather than enjoying an indoor activity, you might be more of an outdoor person. Similarly, if you’re more drawn to composing music than to playing in a band, you may prefer solo activities over social activities. Believe it or not, these preferences can offer valuable insights into the best sport for you. 

Do you prefer solo sports over social sports? Would you rather participate in an outdoor challenge than an indoor one? These are some sports suggestions based on your answers: 

  • Solo sports: rollerblading, weightlifting, disc golf, karate
  • Social sports: kickball, flag football, ultimate frisbee, softball
  • Outdoor sports: kayaking, soccer, surfing, skateboarding
  • Indoor sports: racquetball, ice skating, bowling, volleyball

Whether you want to rely on a team or test your own strength, there are sports for you. Rather than jumping into a sport that never ends up feeling right, take some time to assess the activities you actually enjoy. When you’re ready, eseo will be here to guide you to the best Philly sports resources available. 

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What Sport Fits Your Lifestyle?

If you love the Philadelphia nightlife, a running group that meets at six a.m. probably isn’t for you. Similarly, if you enjoy family-oriented sports, you probably won’t want to meet your friends at the bar for a round of darts. That’s why it’s essential to choose a sport that’s compatible with your lifestyle. Here are some sports options based on lifestyle: 

  • Sports for morning people: running, crossfit, equestrian sports, martial arts
  • Sports for night people: bowling, dancing, slowpitch softball, flag football
  • Fun adult sports: horseshoes, bocce ball, darts, cornhole
  • Family-oriented sports: table tennis, badminton, touch football, bicycling

Instead of rearranging your life for a new sport, choose to play a sport that fits into your lifestyle. No matter what kind of sport you prefer, eseo has resources for you. 

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

Staying active is important for people at every age, but it’s especially important for adults and older people. Physical activity helps prevent bones, muscles and connective tissue from atrophying and can improve mental health. Additionally, exercise decreases the risk for developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. 

Fitness is an excellent reason to play sports. However, fitness doesn’t look the same for everyone. For some people, fitness looks like walking around the park or stretching; for others, it’s powerlifting. Before you decide on a sport, consider your fitness goals. Here’s a breakdown of sports based on cardio, strength-building and flexibility goals:

  • Sports for cardio: running, soccer, swimming, basketball
  • Sports for strength-building: weightlifting, gymnastics, bouldering, water polo 
  • Sports for flexibility: swimming, gymnastics, Tai chi, figure skating 

Remember, physical fitness isn’t about proving anything; it’s about staying healthy. No fitness goal is too small, and every accomplishment deserves celebration

Find Sports to Play as an Adult

It may take time to find a sport to play as an adult, but with a little bit of patience and thoughtful analysis, you’ll make a smart choice. Taking your priorities, favorite activities and lifestyle into consideration can make the process much easier. Just remember that it doesn’t matter which sport you decide to play — it only matters that you chose to play. 

At eseo, we know that adults who play sports are happier, and joyful individuals create healthy communities. Whether you’re looking for pickup games, sports facilities, coaching opportunities or other resources, we’re here for you. Have questions? Contact eseo, your source for community sports.

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many people know they want to play a sport but have no idea what sport would best suit them