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find people to play pickleball with in philadelphia

pickleball social spots in philly!

Where can you meet people to play pickleball with? Join philly's pickleball community to find people to play sports with nearby! 🎾

Philly is one of the top places to start playing pickleball. With its large racquet sports community, pickleball—America’s fastest-growing sport—is becoming extremely popular in Philadelphia.

Where do you find pickleball players in the area? There are a few ways to meet new sports friends. Some popular options include:

  • Local sports shops
  • Gyms/fitness centers
  • Recreation centers
  • Athletic training centers
  • Sports clubs
  • Athletic groups
  • Through a sports app

Keep reading if you’re looking for people to play pickleball with, whether it be competitive or just for fun, based on your region.

Northeast Philadelphia

Here are some places to meet new people to play pickleball with throughout Philly's Far Northeast and Near Northeast regions!

Northeast Racquet Club

Play pickleball through Northeast Racquet Club’s online Meetup group or through its indoor/outdoor fitness facility. They organize ongoing events, tournaments, court rentals, and pickup games throughout the year. 

Northeast Family YMCA

The YMCA in Northeast Philly has open pickleball every weekend at designated times. Bring your family, find local pickleball players, and make some new pickleball teammates. 

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Northwest Philadelphia

Northwest Philly is home to well-known neighborhoods like Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Roxborough, and Manayunk. Here are some pickleball opportunities near you.

Water Tower Recreation Center

There are six outdoor pickleball courts at the Water Tower Rec Center in Northwest Philly. You can find scheduled open play, court reservations, and mixed competitions. It’s ideal for adults, families, and friends looking to drop in on a pickleball rotation!

Northwest Philly Pickleball Facebook Group

Find people to play pickleball with via the dedicated Northwest Philly Facebook group. Members share upcoming events, pickleball clinics, sports retreats, and fundraisers, so get involved and you’re likely to make some great connections.

North Philadelphia

Home to neighborhoods like Yorktown, Northern Liberties, and South Lehigh, North Philly takes up a central chunk of the city. Check out these pickleball spots to challenge new players!

Fairmount Park Tennis Courts

Find pickleball courts for pickup games and rotations via the Fairmount Park website. There’s always something going on here at the outdoor courts, so you’re bound to find other racquet sports enthusiasts!

Phield House

If you’re looking to join a pickleball league or find a team, Phield House is a great place. It’s an indoor sports facility featuring tennis courts that convert into pickleball courts for reservation or pickup games. 

Kensington, Richmond, Bridesburg

Near the edge of North Philadelphia bordering the Delaware River, these three neighborhoods have some pickleball options for locals and visitors.

Salvation Army Kroc Center

Right across the river is the Salvation Army Kroc Center, equipped with some indoor pickleball courts to play on. They also organize seasonal leagues for adults, so be sure to ask about those!

Temple University Courts

If you’re a student at TU, enjoy the campus pavilion with six outdoor tennis/pickleball courts. Hit the courts and make some new friends. 

Center City

Known as the heart of Philadelphia, Center City is where tourists and locals enjoy historic sites, museums, and lots of great food spots. Looking for a pickleball game? Here’s where to find them.

Seger Park Pickleball

At Seger Park, there’s a regular pickleball meetup group that meets on Wednesdays, Sundays, and Saturdays during the warmer months. But keep an eye out, because you can still meet pickleball players during the winter as they host ping pong nights and other fun events. 

Philadelphia Sports Club: Society Hill

The tennis courts at the Society Hill location are great spots to play open tennis and pickleball. Get access to all the courts, fitness training equipment, sauna, and other amenities through a monthly membership.

West Philadelphia

West Philadelphia is famous for pickup sports and community vibes. Here are a few of the many places to venture out and find pickleball games. 

Parkside Tennis Courts

The Parkside Tennis Courts are open for most of the year for tennis, pickleball, and other racquet sports. It’s a great spot if you’re in West Philly.

West Philly YMCA

Check out the West Philadelphia YMCA website for information about their open gym schedule. Pickleball courts rotate throughout the season. A lot of locals use the Y as their go-to!

Penn Tennis Courts & Penn Squash Center

At Penn Racquet Sports, there are plenty of pickleball, squash, and tennis courts for locals to enjoy. Opt in for an annual membership or reserve a court for a pickleball meet-up!

South Philadelphia

South Philly is colorful, culturally diverse, and full of entertainment. Here are some pickleball spots to check out!

Courts at FDR Park

With more than 15 tennis courts and an entire pickleball court section, there are tons of racquet games going on at FDR Park. Courts are open for public use so you’ll definitely meet pickleballers here. It’s also home to the South Philly Tennis Association.

Christian Street YMCA

There’s an open gym at the YMCA in South Philly where you can find pickleball drop-in games. Courts are reserved on a first come first serve basis, so come prepared and ready to meet new people. 

Racquet Club of Philly

The Racquet Club of Philadelphia is an upscale membership located in South Philly. There are tons of pickleball, tennis, and squash courts for members, as well as social events and training sessions all year long. 

Southwest Philadelphia 

If you’re in the Southwest Philly area, here are some ways to find more people to play pickleball with in the community.

Kingsessing Recreation Center

The Kingsessing Rec Center has tennis courts available for use, which can easily be adapted into pickleball courts. They also have basketball courts, handball, and a community pool.

Cobbs Creek Recreation Center

Cobbs Creek Rec Center is a place where families, kids, and athletes can get together and play their favorite sports. Check out their events to find people to play tennis, pickleball, and other racquet sports with. 

Pickleball Throughout Greater Philly

Wherever you are in Philadelphia, you need to join Philly's pickleball community and get on the eseo app. It’s the only Philly-founded (and growing) “finding people to play sports with” app available for iPhone and Android. 

With eseo, you can see upcoming athletic events, runner’s groups, local league sign-ups, and more. Or, you can simply connect with someone else looking for a pickleball buddy. Check it out today!

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pickleball social spots in philly!