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Did you know snowboarding was originally called “snurfing”? The winter sport became popular for surfers and skiers alike, as it allowed people to experience surfing on the snow. Skiing and snowboarding technically date all the way back to 6,000 B.C., when indigenous peoples would travel through the snow to hunt and gather. 

With its fascinating history and a longstanding sports community more popular than ever, snowboarding is a winter activity that nearly anyone should try at least once. Before you hit the slopes for the first time this winter, here are some programs and resorts that offer snowboarding training in Philadelphia. 

Training for Snowboarding Near Philadelphia

Whether you want to physically train in ways that will support proper snowboarding form before winter hits or you want to get started in the snow, there’s a place to level up your snowboarding game. Here are some great places near Philly.

4Season Alpine

As the first ski and snowboard training facility in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, 4SeasonAlpine is home to an incredible virtual training system. The snowboarding training studio features a slope simulator using technology that optimizes your form and pushes your body to experience movements like it’s the real thing. The best part? They’re open all year long so you never have to miss a season.

Spring Mountain Adventures

Spring Mountain, a year-round skiing and snowboarding spot, offers plenty of different types of snowboarding training for beginner to advanced students. Whether you want to take after-school lessons, a weekend training program, or beginner adult lessons in a safe environment, Spring Mountain is a popular choice. 

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Snowboarding Programs at Jack Frost/Big Boulder Resort

Big Boulder, the “older sibling” of the popular Jack Frost resort for beginners, offers plenty of snowboarding training and lessons for adults, groups, and kids. There are 15 trails and slopes of varying heights, allowing a family-friendly training option for inexperienced boarders to the pros. Snowboarders especially love the Mountain Dew Terrain Park.

Big SNOW American Dream

About an hour outside of Philly in Rutherford, NJ, Big SNOW is an indoor ski and snowboarding park that uses real snow. Get the indoor training and practice you need, whether it be with groups, family, private parties, or individually! Visit the website to learn more and book a day visit to get your training on. 

Ski and Snowboard Machine in Philadelphia

For a limited time, request a reservation at a private ski and snowboard treadmill machine in Philadelphia. It’s all indoors and especially helpful for beginner training. The infinite simulator allows trainees of all levels to experience the slopes for hours without stopping. 

Love the snow? Click here to browse more ski and snowboarding resorts that are only a few hours’ drive from Philly. 

Snowboarding Lessons in the Philadelphia Area

Here are some places in or around Philly to get the snowboarding training experience you’ve always wanted!

Snowboard Lessons at Blue Mountain Resort

The learning center at Blue Mountain Resort welcomes all ages to experience ski and snowboard training. From beginner to private lessons— and even kids programs— there is an option for both newbies and novices. 

Blazers Ski Club

Philly-based Blazers Ski Club offers skiing and snowboarding experiences for people of all ages. They provide introductory ski/board lessons, including specific opportunities for black youth. Also, ask about their Adult Development Program, which offers ski or snowboard training for adults from experienced to first-time snowboarders. 

Black Girls Ski and Snowboard

Black Girls Ski (BGS&S) is a group of women of color who introduce snowboarding and skiing to all women, especially young black girls in Philadelphia. Affiliated with The National Brotherhood of Skiers, BGS&S organizes travel experiences and snowboarding lessons for girls as young as three years old! There’s no age limit, so reach out if you’re interested in joining this awesome community. 

Beginner Snowboarding at Bear Creek Mountain

Beginner snowboarding lessons at Bear Creek Mountain are a hit for all ages. There are also ski and snowboarding training programs available, but make sure you plan ahead for those as they tend to sell out.

Pocono Mountains Snowboard Lessons

About a two-hour drive from Philadelphia, there are six main ski and snowboarding locations in the Pocono Mountains. Head there for a day of beginner snowboarding through an “a la carte” package, or purchase a set of lift and snowboarding tickets you can use throughout your next vacation. Advance your skills by starting with easier slopes and graduating to more challenging trails.


Famously known as the highest ski slope in the state of Pennsylvania (1,072 feet!), Blue Knob is an all season resort for skiers and snowboarders. Snowboarding lessons are available, but note that their trails are most popular for intermediate to experienced skiers. 

The trails at Blue Knob can be a bit of a challenge, but don’t worry— about 20% of the trails are considered beginner-friendly. Try the group lessons for a great time with different experience levels. 

Find Snowboarding Experiences Around Philly

It’s never too late (or too early) to take up a winter sport like snowboarding. Whether you want to find a one-on-one snowboarding trainer, a weekend of group lessons, or a new community of local snowboarders to connect with, get on the eseo sports app to find the right experience. 

At eseo, we believe if you can move, you’re an athlete— yep, even if you’re new to snowboarding. Download the eseo mobile app today to find what you’re looking for.

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