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check out what's new (and what's a fave) in the philly area for kid sports leagues & activities

If you’re passionate about sports, there’s a good chance that your love for the game started as a kid. Learning how to play that first sport is a magical experience, and the lessons kids learn in early years of play stick with them their entire lives. Those lessons include confidence building, teamwork and healthy self-expression — all essential skills for a happy life. 

Ready to help your kids on their sports journey? Whether you’re looking for parks, camps, clubs or team sports, Philly has it. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry — eseo has got you covered. We’ve compiled the best Philadelphia kids sports resources to make your life as a Philly sports parent a little easier. 

At eseo, we know that sports play a crucial role in youth development. That’s why we’re committed to finding the best places for you kids to play in Philly. Browse by sport on our website to get started.

Philadelphia Kids Sports Clubs

If your kids are already enthusiastic about sports, a sports club can help them cultivate their passion. Sports clubs give youth a framework in which they can explore and compete with a group of peers. If you’re searching for Philly kids sports clubs, you’ve got a ton of options.

  • Philadelphia Athletics Youth Sports Association: a dynamic sports organization serving West Philadelphia. This non-profit organization provides sports opportunities to youth from underserved communities. 
  • Somerton Youth Organization: a private, non-profit youth sports organization that has been offering sports and athletic programming in Northeast Philly since 1955. It organizes tee ball, baseball, softball, football, soccer, cheerleading and more. 
  • Greater Philadelphia YMCA: a club with numerous sports resources for kids throughout the Philly area. Youth members of the YMCA can enjoy seasonal programs, lessons and league play for a variety of sports, including swimming, martial arts, dance, basketball, hockey, tennis and more. 
  • Chestnut Hill Youth Sports Club: a youth sports organization serving Northwest Philly. This club organizes league play and travel opportunities for kids interested in lacrosse, baseball, basketball and soccer. 
  • Fairmount Sports Association: a volunteer-run organization that’s been dedicated to youth athletics since 1963. This club organizes softball, baseball, flag football and basketball leagues for kids in Fairmount and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Parkwood Youth Organization: a large sports club with diverse offerings. Established in 1965, this organization’s mission is to foster the physical, emotional and mental growth and development of Philadelphia youth through sports. 

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Adaptive Sports for Kids in Philly 

Sports are for all kids — not just able-bodied kids. If you’re trying to find youth sports opportunities for a child with disabilities, check out some of the adaptive sports programs for kids in the Philadelphia area. 

  • Katie’s Komets: a coed wheelchair basketball team for kids in elementary through high school with physical disabilities. A child does not have to be a wheelchair user to participate; the team is open to all youth with long-term physical disabilities that inhibit their participation in able-bodied leagues. 
  • Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy: an equestrian club offering individual and group riding lessons for youth with disabilities and at-risk populations. The organization also offers a six-week summer program and scholarships based on financial need. 
  • Hammerheads Sled Hockey: a sled hockey team for kids with all ranges of physical disabilities, ages five through 18. The organization caters to all levels of play and provides all the necessary equipment. 
  • Special Olympics PA: an organization that provides a wide range of training and competitive sports programs for kids with intellectual disabilities. It is open to youth ages eight and older. 
  • Philadelphia Center for Adapted Sports: an organization that serves more than 500 individuals with disabilities annually with a focus on inclusive communities and supportive settings. The organization currently runs 13 year-round sports and wellness programs for youth and adults. 

Places Your Kids Can Play

Sports organizations and clubs are often enriching opportunities for kids, but sometimes parents just need to find a place their kids can play safely. In some large cities, that’s a tall order; luckily, Philadelphia isn’t one of them. 

  • Philadelphia Parks & Recreation: a comprehensive guide to Philly’s many public parks and recreation centers. No matter what Philadelphia neighborhood you live in, there’s a city-maintained park near you. 
  • West Fairmount Park: a massive 1,400-acre park with fields, playgrounds, trails, spray parks, watershed parks and pump tracks to entertain kids and adults of every age. The park is also home to the Philadelphia Zoo, as well as numerous museums and historical and cultural centers. 
  • FDR Park: South Philadelphia’s largest park and a critical cultural institution. It contains lakes, athletic fields, trails and architectural landmarks that allow Philadelphians from all backgrounds to recreate and experience nature. 

Philadelphia Kids Sports Resources

Regardless of where your kids play or what sports your kids play, it’s just important that they play. Research shows us that kids who engage in sports are generally happier and more equipped to deal with life’s pressures than kids who don’t play sports. Providing youth with sports opportunities is an easy way to foster confidence and encourage critical life skills that they’ll depend on throughout their lives. 

When you need Philadelphia sports resources for your kids, eseo has got your back. We try to connect kids from every background and community with the tools they need to get out and play. Whether you’re looking for kids sports clubs, camps, leagues, venues or programs, we’ve got something for you. Questions? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us online

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check out what's new (and what's a fave) in the philly area for kid sports leagues & activities