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5 philly pickleball influencers you should follow

pickleball is growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. check out our top picks for influencers paving the way for a pickleball community in philly.

Philly is a great place to play pickleball with friends! 🏃🏻♀️🤾🏅 If you’re looking for a team near you, join Philly's pickleball community to get connected. 

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the country, and for good reason. It’s easy to play, fun to learn, and a great way to build community. If you want to find organizers who have created an online community around sports such as pickleball, we’ve gathered this list of some of our favorite pickleball influencers.

At eseo, we aim to build a fun and inclusive community of athletes. One way to build community is to look to those forging the path before us. 

That’s why we’re highlighting Philly pickleball influencers we think are worth following. So check out our app to find out how you can join a pickleball team near you. Then keep reading to learn about our top pickleball influencers in Philadelphia. 

Top Pickleball Influencers in Philly

If you’re looking for inspiration to get involved in pickleball, look no further than this list of Philly pickleball influencers. These digital content creators are on a mission to help you improve your dink shot, so give them a follow!

1. TennisWithTyler

Tenniswithtyler is a multisport fitness influencer and sports coach who loves tennis, pickleball, and creating a community. He is the founder of TennisbyTyler, where he coaches and teaches players of all ages beginner and advanced racquet and paddle techniques. 

On his Instagram, he shares daily tips for pickleball and tennis as well as updates about his lessons and community news.  

If you love Tyler’s content, visit his website to find ways to play pickleball with him in person. He hosts lessons and clinics to help you improve your game.

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2. ThePickleYogi

Michele, thepickleyogi, is an award-winning pickleball player and coach. She also considers herself a yogi, and she shares updates about her career, as well as useful tips for pickleball players of all skill levels. Since she is an accomplished player, she has a lot of skills-based knowledge to offer pickleball players in the Philly area. 

You can also find her on TikTok, where she shares informational pickleball content as well as comedy and lifestyle posts.

Fun fact: She also teaches pickleball clinics with TennisbyTyler! If you want to attend one of her in-person lessons, all you have to do is register. 

3. Alex Greer

Alex Greer is the co-founder of Funky Pickle, a philanthropic and fun pickleball festival organization in Philadelphia. He fell in love with pickleball because of its ability to build community. Now, he helps build that community by hosting Pickleball events in our great city.

Alex Greer is a great example of how online communities can develop real-life communities. Since pickleball is a team sport that is played in the real world, his content can help connect Philly locals to other pickleball fans in their area. Attend the Funky Pickle Festival to meet other players… or just catch the highlights on his reels the following morning.

4. Maggie Corrado & Funky Pickle

Maggie Corrado is an event strategist and pickleball enthusiast who contributes to the Funky Pickle Productions Instagram page. She is also the co-founder of Funky Pickle, alongside Alex Greer. The two founded their business to bring people together who are connected by their love of pickleball.

Follow Funky Pickle Productions for fun content about pickleball, community games, and fun events!

5. FitnessFindsOnTheMainLine

The woman behind Fitnessfindsonthemainline is Brooke Goldstein. She is a fitness blogger and brand ambassador who supports community building in Philadelphia.

She discovered how fun pickleball is after a pickleball clinic with Tennisbytyler, and she regularly posts content about various sports and fitness events in the Philly community, including pickleball!

Follow Brooke if you love content about pickleball and fitness activities in general. 

Ways to Play Pickleball in Philadelphia

Check out this list to find a community of pickleball players near you.

Grab a Friend and Find a Free Court

There are plenty of free tennis and pickleball courts around the city. If you’re looking for a place to play, grab a friend (or meet one on eseo!) and find a court near you.

Join a Pickleball League

There are players like you looking for a way to get active, build community, and play their favorite sport—pickleball! Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for tough competition, or a casual player looking to have fun, there’s a group out there for you.

Use the Eseo App to Build Community

Ready to find or start a pickleball community in your city? There’s no shortage of players, but someone has to take the initiative to start a group. Our app is a great way to build a community around your favorite sports. Download it today to see who in your area loves pickleball as much as you do!

Find a Pickleball Community in Your City

It’s no secret that once you play pickleball, it can easily become your favorite sport! There are lots of players in the Philly area trying to build community and have fun. These influencers are on a mission to spread the love of pickleball—if you’re on board with their mission, give them a follow! 

If you’re looking for a pickleball community near you, join Philly's pickleball community or check out the eseo app. We connect players of all skill levels in our inclusive community. We’d love to have you on our team.

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pickleball is growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. check out our top picks for influencers paving the way for a pickleball community in philly.