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how to start a senior sports group in philadelphia

starting a senior sports group can help you stay active and build community! check it out to see what steps you need to take to start a sports group near you.

Sports are a great way to connect with others! 🏃🚲🏅Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or softball player, there are people like you looking to join a team. Find a group of players near you by using the eseo app.

Some might say sports like soccer or volleyball are a young person’s game. But age is just a number when it comes to doing what you love. Finding like-minded people in your area to start a senior sports group is a great way to stay active and build community.

If you want to find people to connect with for your sports group, download the eseo app. We’re building an inclusive community of people who love to play—no matter which sport they choose. So check it out today to start finding sports fans and athletes near you. 

Keep reading to learn how to start a senior sports group in Philadelphia.

6 Steps to Start a Senior Sports Group in Philadelphia 

Staying active is better with friends. These steps will help you start your own senior sports group in your area.

1. Pick a Sport

The first step to starting a sports group is choosing the sport you want to play. Of course, choosing one you love playing is the best way to get other people excited, but you’ll also want to consider how popular the sport is to get enough people interested. 

Some games foster more community than others. For example, running may seem like a solo endeavor, but Philly is actually home to some of the best running clubs in the country. No matter which sport you choose, you’ll likely be able to find peers to enjoy it with.

2. Find a Location

You’ll need a place to meet to play your sport of choice. The good news is there are plenty of sports centers, batting cages, soccer fields, and pickleball courts in Philly. Once you know your sport, search for a place to use or visit near you. 

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3. Choose a Meeting Time

It’s time to figure out when your group will meet. If your group gets enough players, you might start playing more than once a week. But keep it simple at first while you get your sports group organized.

It’s important to remember that, even if every member of your group can’t meet, consistency is the most important part of establishing a reliable group. As the leader, you should be committed to facilitating that community space for the group on a regular basis, if possible. 

It’s a good idea to develop a contingency plan in case you fall ill or have another commitment on your regularly scheduled day. This will go a long way in building trust within the community that you’ve created.

4. Pick a Group Name

Every sports group needs a group name. And possibly a logo. Maybe even uniforms! This is your chance to get creative… but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. 

Choosing a name for your senior sports group will help you advertise it while you’re looking for your community. It will also help establish the identity of your group.

5. Find Your Community

Now you start building your community! Finding like-minded people in your area is a breeze with the eseo app. It allows you to connect with other athletes in your area—no matter what their level is or what kind of sports they play. If you can move, you’re an athlete too!

Other places to investigate include Meetup, HeyDay Athletic, or your local park or community center.

6. Get Together!

You’ve organized everything, and it’s time to meet up with your new senior sports group. The purpose of building your group isn’t just to stay active or play sports—it’s to build community. So on your first meeting, focus on getting to know your new community.

Keep it light and be sure to have a conversation with everyone who shows up. This will establish you as a community leader who cares about the well-being of everyone in the group. 

Sports Centers in Philly

If you’re looking for a location to meet with your senior sports group, there are plenty of sports centers across Philadelphia. Here are a few popular choices:

  1. AFC Fitness—AFC Fitness has two locations with a lot of space for playing sports. They offer space for basketball or volleyball and turf for soccer or baseball.  
  2. Elite Sports Factory—Elite Sports Factory is convenient for basketball, baseball, softball, and more. They also offer a Warrier Ninja Gym for extra training or just to have a fun time. 
  3. Phield House—The Phield House is an indoor multi-sport facility and is available to rent for volleyball, basketball, soccer, and dodgeball games. They welcome players of all levels and offer over 25,000 square feet of sports facilities. 
  4. Starfinder’s Field—Starfinder is an organization with an important mission to help youth have a better future through sports and teamwork. You can rent Starfinder’s Field for your games, and all proceeds go towards transforming the lives of youth in Philadelphia. 

Start a Senior Sports Group in Philadelphia

You're not alone if you want to start a senior sports group near you. There are seniors all across the country having a blast and staying active. Some even play in the National Senior Games! A senior sports group is a great way to start a community of senior athletes in Philadelphia.

You don’t have to find your community alone. At eseo, we’re building a community of athletes who are rooting for each other, and we want you to be a part of it. So download the eseo app today to join our community and build your team. 

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starting a senior sports group can help you stay active and build community! check it out to see what steps you need to take to start a sports group near you.