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fun outdoor sports games for adults

playing sports isn’t just about competition; it’s about enjoying a fun, healthy activity with people you care about

When the weather’s nice, it just feels like a waste to spend the day inside. Especially if you’re like many American adults and spend the majority of your days working inside. As the seasons change and the pleasant temperatures draw more Philadelphians out into the sunshine, you may find yourself racking your brain for a fun outdoor game to play with friends. 

At eseo, we know that playing sports isn’t just about competition; it’s about enjoying a fun, healthy activity with people you care about. Whether you’re searching for an adult sports game to enjoy with coworkers after a long work week or a standing pickup game that will get you outside, eseo’s got you covered. Keep reading to learn about fun outdoor sports games for adults in the Philadelphia area. 

Outdoor Games for Adults

As people age, their priorities change. When you were a teen, you might have enjoyed highly competitive team sports that required a lot of energy and commitment. Now, you may prefer a game that gets you outside, improves your physical health or allows you to socialize with other adults your age. Whether you’re interested in a whimsical lawn game you can enjoy with a beer or a sophisticated sport that allows you to hone your skills, eseo has resources for you. 


Looking for a fun outdoor sport that will give you a cardio workout without a huge time investment? Pickleball is the sport for you. One of the fastest growing sports in America, pickleball is a hybrid paddle ball sport that draws influence from tennis, ping-pong and badminton. Although it resembles tennis from a distance, pickleball differs in several ways, including serves, which are performed underhand; pickleball courts are also smaller than tennis courts. Review a complete list of pickleball rules here

Looking for outdoor pickleball courts? Philadelphia offers several quality options: 

  • Water Tower Pickleball Court, several well-maintained outdoor pickleball courts at the Water Tower Recreation Center in Northwest Philadelphia
  • FDR Park Pickleball Courts, multiple pickleball courts located in beautiful FDR Park in South Philly
  • Segar Park, a centrally located public park in Philly’s Washington Square West neighborhood that offers outdoor basketball, tennis, four square volleyball and pickleball courts
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Four Square Volleyball

Few childhood games are as nostalgic or enjoyable to revisit as four square volleyball. The game is essentially a four square game that’s played with volleyball skills. Players stand in a large square consisting of four equal squares, and after “the king” serves, players volley the ball back and forth, attempting to avoid errors. If the king makes an error, they are removed from the square, and the remaining players rotate to reconfigure the hierarchy. Unlike outdoor sports games like pickleball that require a court, four square volleyball can be played anywhere, as long as nobody minds a little sidewalk chalk.

Disc Golf

Frisbees are strange toys. Although most kids seem to have them, frisbees never seem to be the go-to activity. Whatever allure frisbees lack for kids, they make up for in adults. Not only is this humble plastic disc at the center of competitive games like ultimate frisbee, but also recreational games like disc golf, an outdoor sport enjoyed by many Philadelphians. 

Essentially, disc golf is a golf game that’s played by throwing a frisbee at a metal basket instead of putting a ball. It is played on nine or eighteen-hole courses and scored similarly to a golf game. These are some of the best disc golf courses in the Philadelphia area: 

Lawn Games for Adults

If you’d prefer to play an adult sports game that is more about socializing than competing, lawn games may be your speed. Lawn games are more about supplementing adult hangouts than they are the center of the hangout. Keep reading to find a Philadelphia lawn game near you. 

Corn Hole

An undeniably weird game, corn hole is often played at outdoor bars. The game has one simple task: throw the sack in the hole. Grab your friends and head to Old City Beer Garden or Drury Beer Garden to get the game going. 


Croquet is a classic lawn game that’s entertaining for both kids and adults. Players use mallets to hit brightly colored balls through hoops embedded in grass. You can buy inexpensive croquet sets at most sporting goods stores and play in your yard or Philly neighborhood park. 

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a beloved outdoor sport that people have played, at least in some iteration, for centuries. The object of the game is to be the first team to reach 16 points. Teams take turns tossing a bocce ball toward the pallina (a smaller ball) with the objective of getting the closest to it. Ready to give bocce a try? Find bocce courts at Bardascino Park, Spruce Street Harbor Park or East Passyunk Community Center


Horseshoes is the quintessential lawn game. Competing players stand at opposite ends of a stretch of grass (up to 40 feet apart, depending on space) and drive a stake into the ground. Then they take turns tossing horseshoes at the opposing stakes with the goal of scoring a “ringer” — a horseshoe that lands wrapped around the stake. You can find horseshoe pits in Fairmount Park as well as some bars, or buy your own set at a local sporting goods store. 

Find Parks in Philly to Play Sports

Ready to try one of these fun outdoor sports? All you need to do now is invite a group of friends to meet up at one of Philadelphia’s many parks, recreation centers or sports facilities. Unsure of where to meet? That’s not a problem. As your community sports resource, eseo is here to help you find the best parks, courts and lawns near you. Visit us online for all your sports resources so you can get out and play. 

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playing sports isn’t just about competition; it’s about enjoying a fun, healthy activity with people you care about