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best sports lessons to give as gifts

give sports lessons as a gift

Recently, we shared some of the best pickleball lessons to give as gifts this holiday season. But with enough research and thought, you can give nearly any type of sports lesson to someone as a thoughtful gift. Whether you want to encourage someone in their thriving athletic career or introduce a loved one to a fun new sport, here are some ideas for the best sports lessons to give as gifts.

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1. Sign Up Your Kids for Youth Sports

Has your child been begging you to let them try a new sport? Get them excited by giving them a holiday gift of proof they’ll get to play in upcoming sports lessons. 

Pair the announcement with a few pieces of equipment to start practicing. For example, if your daughters want to try a co-ed kids' soccer league, surprise them with cleats and a new soccer ball with the anticipation they’ll be joining the team this coming season.

2. Give the Gift of Strength Training 

Personal trainers can sometimes cost up to hundreds of dollars per session, and it isn’t always feasible for some individuals. Spark your loved one’s fitness aspirations by giving them a meaningful, valuable gift: access to a personal trainer for weight training

Here’s a tip: talk to your loved one about what they’d want in a fitness program, what their goals are, and how often they want to work out. It’ll help you connect with the right resource to find a trainer.

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3. Purchase a Fitness Class Bundle

Many group fitness classes including yoga, dance, pilates, and boot camps offer class bundles that anyone can purchase at a discounted price. 

Consider gifting your yoga-loving friend or your barre-obsessed partner with a bundle of free classes. That way, they won’t have to sweat over the cost and can enjoy the experience that much more. 

Plus, this opportunity can lead them to make some great connections with fellow fitness enthusiasts in the class.

4. Register a Loved One for a Sports Clinic or Camp

Sports clinics and camps are intense and often multi-day training experiences for a wide range of sports. They’re also offered for a variety of fitness levels. However, these trainings can come with a cost: commitment, time, money, and personal sports equipment are often required.

For this reason, giving entry to an upcoming clinic or training camp can be a beautiful way to show your athletic loved one that you support their passion. If they’ve ever mentioned wanting to go to a specific local training, take note. Otherwise, you can search online or ask other sports players in the community what clinics are well-known for your friend’s favorite sport. 

5. Plan a Day of Sports Adventures

If you want to give fun sports experiences as a gift, they don’t necessarily have to be direct lessons. Get creative with it:

  • Plan a day of traveling to some famous pickup game locations around Philly
  • Take your friend or loved one to The Museum of Sports for a day of education and amazement
  • Invite your friend’s closest teammates and athletic buddies to surprise them with a tournament of their dreams
  • Travel somewhere within a hundred miles to explore new sports fields, courts, or drop-in activities

There are so many ways to utilize sports experiences as a gift. Make it a surprise, gift wrap a map of the adventure, or set up a scavenger hunt that leads up to the final gift.

6. Cover the Cost of Introductory Sports Lessons

You can reach out to local sports trainers that offer private lessons and ask if they’d be willing to sign up your loved one for training. To find someone to do this, you can use online resources like Thumbtack, Google Search, or the eseo sports app

When you go to contact some potential trainers for a friend, let them know a bit about your loved one and see if they’d be a good fit. Use your best judgment, consider how both of their personalities would pair, and purchase several training sessions or lessons to start the connection. Your friend or family member will thank you for equipping them with their first introductory athletic lessons!

7. Pre-Order Passes to a Local Sports Training Facility

 A lot of local sports facilities—both indoor and outdoor—offer reservation passes and even gift certificates. With a gift card or prepaid passes, the facility typically waives the fee for reserving a basketball court or batting cage but will still require the recipient to schedule reservations as needed. 

Since a lot of sports facilities offer court rentals on a first-come, first-served basis, this is a great gift option for someone who regularly trains or arranges sports games for fun. Plus, many of these facilities are full of sports trainers who are willing to coach players.

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give sports lessons as a gift