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pickleball lessons in philly to give as christmas presents

gift pickleball lessons in philadelphia

To some people, pickleball basically puts the “P” in Philly. At eseo, we have a ton of resources to connect pickleball players of all levels—even during the holidays. Join Philadelphia's pickleball community to get involved!

The best thing about giving is that it’s not always about physical gifts. Sometimes, the best presents are special shared experiences or gifted opportunities. If you’re wondering what to give your pickleball-obsessed loved one for the holidays, here are some ideas—starting with Philly pickleball lessons.

How to Give Pickleball Lessons as a Gift

There are a few ways to give the gift of pickleball lessons to someone you want to support on their athletic journey. Here are a few ideas to consider!

  • Buy a bundle of pickleball lessons in advance from a racquet sports facility.
  • Get a gift card for indoor pickleball court rentals and volunteer to give lessons to your loved one.
  • Make a card or homemade “coupon” book that the recipient can use to find lessons they want. You can write something like, “Ten pickleball lessons on me!” and include it in a new set of paddles as a thoughtful surprise.
  • Pay to register the recipient for upcoming pickleball clinics that might be out of their preferred price range.
  • Reach out to a local pickleball trainer and ask them if they offer prepaid lesson plans so you can gift someone their very first pickleball experience.

Before making your gift decision, consider what type of pickleball lessons your loved one would enjoy. There are private lessons that offer one-on-one attention, allowing someone to hone their skills strategically. 

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Group lessons are perfect for someone who may be newer to pickleball or someone who simply wants to level up their overall abilities in a social setting. There are also pickleball camps and clinics, which are sort of like training intensives that can last days or weeks at a time.

Once you decide how you want to give, here are some ways to buy pickleball lessons as a gift.

Places to Find Pickleball Lessons in Philly 

There are a few specific places you can look for pickleball lessons in Philly. Below we’ll list some local pickleball training spots and some online pickleball lesson locators.

Philadelphia Pickleball Meetup Group Lessons

It might seem cheesy to give a Meetup group lesson as a gift—but in the right situation, you can make it a meaningful present. For the Meetup, you can reach out to one of the organizers and ask if they know of anyone qualified to offer pickleball lessons at the rate and skill level your loved one is looking for. 

You can also plan to make this option a fun surprise date: keep it a secret and pay for your loved one’s first lesson. Plus, a group lesson is a great way to make connections that last.

The Philadelphia Cricket Club

If you’re already a member of the Philadelphia Cricket Club, give your friend or family member some private lessons through one of their programs. Consider a private trainer or sign up for a couples training session.


Thumbtack is an app that helps customers browse local service providers for specific projects they’re looking for help with. While people typically use it to find gardeners, photographers, or repair technicians, there are a lot of skill-based services offered like tutors and trainers. Just type in your preferences and message a pickleball trainer who seems like a good fit!

Pickleball Clubs

Find pickleball lessons to give as a gift through one of the many Philadelphia pickleball leagues, clubs, and organizations. Many avid pickleball players are tennis trainers and racket sports enthusiasts with lots of experience, so it doesn’t hurt to reach out to someone in a league and get expert advice. 

Global Pickleball Network

Source a professional pickleball trainer through the online Global Pickleball Network. You can search by location, skill level, and custom preferences. Find contact information for local trainers who are offering lessons both privately and in the form of pickleball clinics. 

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There’s another great way to locate pickleball trainers right here in Philadelphia: the eseo sports app. Sign up and search for pickleball events in Philly, or post your own requests for locals to see. 

Give the Gift of Philadelphia Pickleball 

Get yourself and a loved one on the eseo sports app to stay connected with all things pickleball in the Greater Philadelphia area! The eseo app is a free online hub for finding sports clubs and fitness meetups in your area. Get connected and start exploring pickleball lessons today. Join Philadelphia's pickleball community today!

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gift pickleball lessons in philadelphia