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play lacrosse in philly

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Lacrosse is one of the most played field sports in the world, and it continues to grow in popularity. While it’s not the most common professional sport you see in arenas or on TV, look at your local playing fields to get an idea of how many people truly love to play it.

In Philadelphia, an ever-increasing number of lacrosse leagues emerge every year. Whether you want to get involved in a league, find a team for your kids, or learn the best places to practice some drills, keep reading. Here are some ways you can play lacrosse in Philadelphia.

Youth Lacrosse Teams in Philadelphia

If your kids and family love lacrosse, there are plenty of opportunities to look into. Here’s a list of some of the most notable lacrosse programs for kids in Philly. Don’t forget to check out your kids’ school sports program to ask if they offer lacrosse!

Philly Lacrosse

Visit to stay up to date with all the local lax news, tryouts, events, and competitions. Get your child or teen involved in the sport, find lessons, and connect with local coaches— you can even find youth lacrosse camps and more. 

Harlem Lacrosse: Philadelphia Chapter

Harlem Lacrosse is an organization that helps youth in various cities around the United States gain access to fun and enriching lacrosse programs. The Philadelphia chapter, thanks to support from the Live Like Blaine Foundation, has helped launch multiple girls and boys lacrosse programs since 2017. 

Reach out to the Harlem Lacrosse team if you’re a parent, coach, or youth organizer that wants to partner up and make lacrosse an accessible sport for Philly students. Leagues and programs are available at the school and community levels.

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Philly Blast Lacrosse

Through the youth lacrosse sports club, Philly Blast, kids receive enriching team experiences focused on whole-person development. While mentally and physically challenging, Philly Blast strives to build a strong sense of community, empowerment, and character among its program members. 

Freedom Lacrosse

Philadelphia Freedom Lacrosse brings competitive lacrosse to boys, girls, and high schoolers throughout Philly. Coaches and trainers range from professionals to Division 1 players, and there’s a huge focus on character development in the program. 

FCA Lacrosse Philadelphia

FCA Lacrosse is a religious non-profit lacrosse organization that provides family-friendly sports development to youth and high school students. Serving Philly and New Jersey, players develop athletic skills and team leadership. With an emphasis on goal-setting, FCA Lacrosse helps kids and teens become college players or simply push themselves to reach personal goals. 

Philadelphia Area Girls Lacrosse Association

PAGLA promotes lacrosse opportunities for young girls in the Philly area up to the eighth grade level. Contact the organizers online or by phone to learn more about registering your child or group into an upcoming club!

Philly Adult Lacrosse Leagues 

If you’re an adult who wants to get more involved in Philly’s lacrosse community, here are some resources and locations to check out.

USA Lacrosse™ Philadelphia

The PA Lacrosse website is full of information on upcoming leagues, programs, and lax events across the state of Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia and eastern Pennsylvania chapter helps Philly locals connect, get involved, and find where to play. Check out the site for upcoming opportunities!

ULAX Philadelphia

ULAX (University Lacrosse) can help you connect with local Philly adult lacrosse leagues. Find the upcoming men’s field league, women’s field league, and box leagues, as well as plenty of kid and teen programs. 

Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association

Philadelphia Box Lacrosse is a popular adult league in the Philadelphia and tri-state region. Players love PBLA for its ongoing competitive and organized leagues that offer fulfilling sportsmanship experiences to people of varying athletic levels. Join a league to experience mixed teams of high schoolers, college students, adults, and even professionals. 

United Sports Philadelphia

United Sports provides youth and adult sports leagues in Eastern Pennsylvania. The adult lacrosse league is for players 18+ and changes every season, including both organized leagues and casual pick-up lacrosse games. Visit their website to learn about upcoming clubs and leagues. 

Heyday Athletic Lacrosse

Through Heyday Athletic, the popular sports organization of Greater Philadelphia, you can be sure to find adult lacrosse leagues to join. Check into seasonal opportunities and sign up as soon as registration opens, as spots can fill up quickly. There are plenty of sports groups to enjoy from Heyday in the lacrosse off season. 

Philly Women’s Lacrosse

Female lacrosse players of all levels are welcome to join the off-season of Philly Women’s Lacrosse. There are also pick-up games, training events, and summer leagues. If you played lacrosse in high school or college and are looking to get back in the game, check it out!

Philadelphia Lacrosse Online

If you want to find a casual lacrosse league or pick up games to play, you’ve got options. Social networking sites like and eseo sports can help you locate upcoming lacrosse events, groups, and even pro sports events to enjoy with new people. 

Philadelphia Lacrosse: Where to Play

Get your lacrosse game on with the growing sports community in Philadelphia. To connect with fellow lax lovers in Philly, get on the eseo sports app today. We’re helping athletes connect with other athletes, no matter what age, gender, or fitness level they are. Try it out!

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