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As we get closer to the holidays this year, you might be wondering what to get for your loved ones who live and breathe fitness. Or maybe you’re an athlete who simply can’t think of any answers when your family members ask you what you’d like for Christmas. To help you out, we’re sharing some of the best sports gifts for Philly athletes. Read the list below!

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Gift Ideas for Serious Athletes and Trainers

For the competitive sports junkie or the bodybuilder in your life, these gifts are especially practical.

Foam Roller

Every athlete could use a foam roller for their muscles. There are many different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses of foam rollers, but yoga wheels are especially popular these days. The ATIVAFIT yoga wheels are a set of foam rollers that help improve mobility and roll out muscle knots with ease.

Resistance Parachute

For runners, soccer players, or anyone who does a lot of endurance sports, this speed resistance parachute can help them train at any time of the year. The chute adds extra resistance during a run, which strengthens muscles and builds resilience.

Dry Bag

Whether someone loves water sports or simply wants to keep dry and wet gear separate, a dry bag is a helpful item that many athletes might not think they need. It keeps dry items protected from harsh weather and is waterproof. Plus, it floats in water, which is ideal for outdoorsy adventurous folks.

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Framed Athletic Photos

Does your athletic loved one have any photos of them making a big accomplishment? Frame a nice photo for them so they can look back on meaningful memories. This can be a photo of them crossing the finish line, making a slam dunk, or winning mid-action on the sports field.

Triathlete Coffee Mug

Triathletes truly exemplify “beast mode,” and we love to see it. Gift a triathlete in your life a funny coffee mug like this one so they can be reminded of their next big race and let everyone know they’ve got what it takes to do hard things.

Percussive Device for Massage

Because athletes wear their muscles out almost daily, massage tools are a welcomed relief. The Therabody massage guns are famous for helping release tension, encouraging recovery, and smoothing out any stubborn adhesions from intense activity.

At-Home Climbing Board

Know someone who is obsessed with rock climbing? This at-home hang board for climbing is perfect. It secures into the wall above a door frame so they can keep up their grip strength, practice challenging hangs, and have a little climbing fun at home.

Sports Gifts for Newer Athletes

It’s never too late to go for the goal and aspire to get super fit. If there’s someone special in your life who’s in the beginning phase of their athletic journey, here are some gift ideas.

POWER PRESS Push-Up Trainer

Help a friend get serious about their strength by giving them this push-up trainer board for the holidays. It’s customizable and compact so they can take it to the gym, use it at home, or bring it to a local park when it’s time to train.

Instant Cooling Towel

Give the gift of instant relief via this cooling sports towel. This can come in handy during outdoor sports, hot yoga, the sauna, and any necessary “cool down” moment.

Fitness Tracker Journal

The best way to improve fitness is to be aware of daily habits and routines. Give a loved one a fitness journal so they can keep track of their reps, sets, gains, and personal records no matter what sport they train for.

Sports Lessons

Get creative with gift-giving and buy someone a series of sports lessons or training vouchers for the holidays! This not only relieves someone of financially covering the cost of training, but it also encourages them to reach new goals and try new things.

Holiday Gifts for Female Athletes

Women hold a powerful place in the athletic community. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to personalize for the sports-playing lady in your life.

Shiatsu Neck Massager

A lot of athletes hold tension in their neck, shoulders, and upper back. A heated Shiatsu massager can bring relief, comfort, and calm on those essential rest days.

P.volve Home Exercise Ball

The P.volve exercise ball has become a well-known product in women’s fitness. Not only does it target core and thigh muscles, but it’s also known to help strengthen and maintain a healthy pelvic floor. In fact, many women’s health experts suggest it as a supplementary workout item for women of all fitness levels.

Women in Sports by Rachel Ignotofsky

Sports can sometimes seem like a male-dominated industry. But there are plenty of inspiring women who have proven otherwise! This historical, colorful book, Women in Sports, showcases some of the strongest female athletes that changed athletic history. 

Athleticwear Sets

Although it might sound cliche, athleticwear is a top gift preference for many. Go all in and grace your female loved one with a high-quality athletic set, or consider buying her a gift card to her favorite fitness clothing brand so she can shop for the perfect fit. 

Celebrate the Holidays With Sports Enthusiasts

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browse gift ideas for philly athletes!