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best sports gifts for kids in philly

sports gift ideas for kids!

Philadelphia is home to athletes and sports families from all walks of life. Even kids play an active role in the local athletic community! To encourage the children in your life to stay active and pursue their love of sports, consider making their holidays athletic-themed. Keep reading to browse some of the best sports gifts for kids this year.

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Best Kids Sports Gifts for 2023

Whether you want to start encouraging your kids to play sports or your child is already an active, sports-obsessed teammate, here are some popular gift options to consider.

Philadelphia Eagles NFL Youth Uniform 

Dress up your little Eagles fan in an NFL replica football uniform! The set includes a practice jersey, football pants, a helmet, and stickers. Want to find a different NFL team option? Browse the drop-down menu to find your favorite one.

Foooty Pocket Ball

The Foooty ball (three O’s) is an innovative sports toy that allows you to create, transport, and play with any size or shape ball you want! Composed of little plastic parts that click into customizable designs, the Foooty product can be assembled into an on-the-go soccer ball, football, frisbee, juggling ball, or even a set of cones.

Mini Basketball Hoop & Rebounder

While it’s always encouraged that parents spend quality time running sports drills with their kids, this basketball hoop and rebounder is useful when mom or dad is busy. Let your kids shoot hoops for hours without stopping!

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Hand-Eye Coordination & Reaction Tool

While this might seem like a simple toy, the HECOstix training tool is a powerful gadget for helping kids improve their hand-eye coordination, focus, and agility. Use it as part of field training or simply as a leisurely backyard activity.

Wooden Balance Board

Balance boards or “wobble boards” are great for younger children who are new to sports. These curved boards strengthen kids’ balance, body awareness, and leg strength. If your child wants to learn solo sports like skateboarding or gymnastics, the balance board is a huge help. 

Light Up Baseball

This Spark Catch light-up baseball is probably one of the coolest gifts to give your aspiring baseball player. It’s the same weight, size, and feel as a regular baseball, meaning kids can stay out a little longer next summer when throwing pitches and practicing drills. 

Glow-in-the-Dark Football

Another light-up sports toy for kids is the ALKOMI glowing football. This gift is perfect for fall and winter when the skies are gray and the evenings begin earlier. 

Sports Biographies for Kids

For kids ages 8-12, this Sports Biographies for Kids book teaches them about the greatest professional athletes since the 1960s. It’s text-heavy with many watercolor portraits and graphics throughout the book, plus includes plenty of inspirational sports quotes from their favorite idols.

Kids Punching Bag Set

Sometimes kids just need a healthy outlet to whack something. This punching bag set for kids comes with an adjustable stand, boxing toys, gloves, and an air pump so your child can assemble it on their own and take charge of their inner boxer.

Kids Running Gloves for Winter

These active winter gloves are thermal and sleek, ideal for wearing when riding a bike, playing sports, or engaging in hands-on activities. The gloves feature a non-slip grip on the palms and touch screen-compatible fingertip pads on the thumb and index fingers. 

Speed Sensor Baseball

Plenty of kids would love to see how fast they’re actually pitching a baseball. This speed sensor baseball has a built-in sensor that tracks how many miles per hour the ball travels through the air. 

Gifts for Teen Athletes 

Teens who take sports seriously could use some more mature and practical sports gifts. Here are some good ideas to consider!

Sports Ball Backpack

This sports backpack has compartments for shoes, clothes, and a round ball so your teenager can go to and from practice with ease. This is ideal for soccer, basketball, and volleyball, as the ball compartment is the size of a larger rounded ball. 

KOMBOID Ball Bouncing Skill Game

The KOMBOID is a 5-sided box containing colorful symbols on each side. The box is worn on your wrist and requires attention, hand-eye coordination, and skill to pivot the box in order to bounce the ball on any designated side. The KOMBOID can be played solo or with a friend. 

Volleyball Training Gear

Wearable volleyball training equipment is helpful for teens who want to practice their drills without flying a ball into the street (or worse, someone else’s face!). A strap attaches to the player and secures a volleyball attached to an elastic band. Players can practice spiking and serving with ease.

Trust the Grind by Jeremy Bhandari

This inspirational book, Trust the Grind, motivates teen and young adult athletes to pursue their vision of sports and fitness. It covers mini biographical interviews with famous sports legends such as Jason Kidd, Jimmie Johnson, and more.

Sports for Kids in Philadelphia 

Kids who play sports experience improved social skills, health benefits, and high levels of academic achievement. Every kid deserves a chance to learn how to play sports, as well as reap the benefits of personal development that team participation brings.

To find sports opportunities and athletic connections for your kids in Philadelphia, the eseo app is for you. At eseo (every sport for everyone), we believe that if you can move, you’re an athlete. Download the eseo sports app today to find kids’ leagues, pickup games, and more!

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